New FP Availability with New Hours

The park hours have recently been extended (within the past two days) for our trip. On several days, MK is closed at 11:00 PM instead of 9:00 PM. Most attractions are not showing additional FP availability. We would like to move our Space Mountain FPs later. Anyone know if they will add availability of FPs?

It has taken them much longer than in the past.

I was curious about this as well, for example MK rides are showing the extended park hours if I go to change my FP times however it is still showing that there are no available FPs. I’ve been checking since I received the alert that the park hours changed. I wouldn’t think that many people knew about the updated hours and snagged a FP that quickly. Is it possible that the hours are showing on the app but the FP availability hasn’t been updated? Thanks!

Never mind- looks like they’ve updated it since last night. I was able to snag a much needed earlier FP :smile: