New forum app?

Will there be an app, or will the forum operate solely in a browser? Sorry if already answered but I am having a hard time getting my bearings. TIA.

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I haven't seen mention of an app. The only thing I saw was mention that they are trying to get the browser version optimized for phone use.

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I'm thinking something along the lines of the disboards app. It works well for me when viewing the forums over there on my phone.

I pop into forum when I have my laptop or iPad available. I just can't stomach it on my phone, and I really can't read it while I'm walking, like I do with CHAT!

I'm kind of lost myself. I've been gone a couple of weeks and came back and need to watch a tutorial. I was on what I thought was regular chat but then landed here. I feel like my mom when she first got email.

I believe there's discussion of a possible app "in the future, after the next big version release" per the developers. How long that is in the future is anyone's guess.