New fireworks show to replace Wishes - Happily Ever After!

I love me some Wishes, but this music sounds awesome. Can’t wait!

Looks good, but let’s hope it doesn’t turn into the wishes riots of 2017

How long has Wishes been around?

I think this could be an improvement over Wishes. Aside from the soundtrack (which was great), I found Wishes to be a bit on the confusing side when watching the first time. You have characters talking, but no visual anchor to the voice aside from color on the castle. This seems to look to fix that.

So if the music can be just as hopeful and sentimental as Wishes is/was, I think this could be a home run.

mid-late 2000s(ish)? Fantasy in the Sky was before that, and it was awesome.

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I saw the post on Instagram and went noooo!! But I’ve only been to WDW once last year, so I guess I haven’t had perspective on how long it’s been around. I’m just attached to the music and the heart of Wishes. I can’t not cry anytime I watch or hear it. But here’s to hoping this will be something else to love just as much or more! :slight_smile:


I love the music, too - it swells at all the right points, and makes me melt. Here’s hoping!