New feature for subscribers and Liners

There are two new sections of the site that will be available.

One is a lounge available to Level 3 users. Usually getting to level 3 requires something like 50 visits in 100 days, a few thousand posts, etc. One thing we just added was hopefully when you log in, if you have > 2000 posts in Lines, you will now be level 3 here, and able to see the lounge.

(If you have > 500 posts in Lines you'll be at trust level 2. I dont think there are any perks to that for right now... but who knows?)

Also, now subscribers will also have a forum, separate from the aforementioned lounge. Regular users can work their way up to level 3 and see the Lounge, but only Subscribers can ever see or use the Subscriber forum.

If this seems like too many special, private forums, let me know. We're obviously still tweaking things considerably based on feedback.

NOTE: To activate these new groups and categories, you'll need to log out, and log back in, since the only way we could do anything based on Lines chat count occurs when you log in to the site.

EDIT: There were a few issues with the code release last night - try logging out and in again this morning, and let me know if it still doesnt work.

DOUBLE EDIT: If you log and back in, and still cant see what I'm talking about, and you have any spaces or special characters in your name, then let me know. I'll add you manually for today, and hopefully have a code fix tonight.


Waiting patiently to be chosen for Level 3 status.


So, it looks like the level 3 thing might not be working yet... but the subscriber thing is.

I want level 3

I know at least one user who logged put and then tried to log back in to access the lounge, and now cannot log back in. They have tried on the phone & PC. They logged out of the forum. Do they need to log out of the app & TP website and then log back in?

Eek! Please let us know what happens?

Ask them to try again. I was working through some login issues in the code, and just released a new patch.

Ive been on lines for 4 years but since I dont post alot, I will never get to the "priveledged level". Ive been ok with forum until now.


@daybreaker it looks like the login issue is resolved. I logged out of here, mobile lines, and touring and shut down browser. Then re-opened and logged into, mobile lines, and then here. All worked ok but i'm not sure the new features are working. I still show as a basic user here, and I have over 6,000 chats on the old side.

Where is this subscriber forum...I just renewed last week without a break in subscription.

I also haven't found either of the 'private' forums yet... any suggestions on where to look?

My trust level now says 'leader' but I don't know what that means...

They should be near the bottom of the categories list. the level 3 lounge was renamed by @LaurelStewart as La Cava Del Chat, and we dont have a fancy name yet for the "Subscribers Only" category

Let me know if you dont see them and I'll check the permissions.

Hi @daybreaker, thanks for the help! I found it, but it says "The page you requested doesn't exist or is private."

I logged out and back in another time and that seemed to work, thanks!

Well, on lines chat I am approaching 8000 chats, but still am just basic trust level here and see no La Cava... Is that because I haven't posted here enough yet? Having two conflicting feelings simultaneously -- one, feeling left out, ha ha, and two, not sure why we need to segregate and have some folks with privileged access others don't have in the first place. But I am new to this format in general, likely many things I don't understand yet. blush

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@daybreaker, I'm at 6000 chats and I don't see the subscriber forum or the lounge. I have logged out of all sites cleared my cache and cookies and logged back in but it still shows i'm a basic user.

because of the weird way the forum 3rd party software works, we cant set anything based on your Lines info on your very first login. So if you log out and log back in, it should be set. If you log out and back in, and you still dont see it, let me know.

We've been talking to the forum software developers about trying to get it added as a default ability, then we could add it when people first sign in. But as for now we are kind of doing some roundabout code thing that we can only do once a user exists in the forum which only occurs after a first login.

Hmm. I'm looking into it.

Yep, I have logged out and back in three times, and no luck...
Thanks for checking into it!
If I can't make it to La Cava del Tequila today, I at least want to make it into THIS La cava del Chat!