New Fantasyland EMM Review?

We are headed to the Fantasyland EMM in January. I know they’ve just changed the format and I’d love to know if anyone has been (or is going soon) and would like to review it!


I’ve been watching for reviews too and found this review this morning:

It looks promising and may be even better value than the older version that was only 3 rides. The breakfast at the older version was delicious and came out BOG kitchen this one looks to be fair but I could eat my weight in Cheshire Cat Tails that they serve on the continental breakfast area.

Found another review from Josh at easywdw. I like his honest reviews so thought I’d post his review link below too.

We went on Tuesday and it was wonderful. I don’t think it was sold out, but we had no lines to speak of for anything. Not even princesses or 7DMT. Food was good enough. We preferred the food at TSL EMM, but it was quick, plentiful, and edible.