New early morning magic


They’ve added Princess FairyHall (is that both or just one of the princess meet & greets?), iasw, mad tea party, & uts! I’m thinking about changing plans once again if it’s offered while we are there (so far no dates in March). I think it’s about the same price as our lunch at the Castle, but with rides! I think our family would enjoy it more. What do you guys think of the new line up?


I feel jipped since we are going in November before it is offered. That would free up my TP SO much! I think you should do it!


I just bought it for January 22. I’m excited! But I was going to buy it if it didn’t have the extra rides. Though, when we’re going, Peter Pans Flight is not included. I’m hoping hat it’s not undergoing refurbishment at the time.


For us, 3 rides didn’t seem worth it, but I’m thinking 6 rides, plus Princess meet & greets…hoping they offer it in March!