New Early Morning Magic: Fantasyland

Thank you all for giving me the confidence to book. I did it! “Treat yo’self” as my daughter would say :smiley:

The peace of knowing we will have a more relaxing day, especially with my mom’s knee, is worth it. I’m going to keep pushing her to get an ECV. I think it is pride and also maybe mixed with a bit of anxiety that she doesn’t know how to use it, or she’ll run into someone with it. It is a total coincidence that my sister is going to Disney the week after us, and also invited my mom, so that knee is going to be really bad off if she doesn’t do something. We’re going to agree ahead of time where she will take “Shorty” at 9:00, so she can probably do PPF or Small world or something one last time while we all go over to be at the rope drop crowd. This way she won’t be caught in the rush and can leisurely make her way over.

As for taking younger children, I have to chime in. As a kid, I never went to Disney World past age 10. I never even got to ride SM as a kid because I was never tall enough when we went. I have very vivid, cherished memories of spending time at Magic Kingdom with my grandparents and family. I remember meeting Eeyore, I got an Eeyore plush that day and his tail actually did fall off! (It wasn’t supposed to) I STILL have that plush and he came with me when I first took my kids five years ago. AND I got to ride Space Mountain, finally LOL (hashtag 80’s kid goals LOL) I remember being terrified of Captain Hook when my sister was super excited to meet him. I remember the Jungle Cruise. I remember sitting with my dad on Dumbo. I am so happy to make these same memories with my kids. That being said, I do understand waiting until they are older too. Both sides are logical :wink:


Good for you. And a near empty park would be a good place to build some ECV confidence - hopefully after mastering the basics at the resort.


That video is of the old EMM before they expanded it to more rides and before they moved the breakfast to Cosmic Ray’s. It’s still all you care to eat, but it’s no longer a buffet. This video represents the current EMM-Fantasyland format:

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I did watch the video you linked. I agree that it explains how the meal works at CR now, but all the other info is the same.

Lol. I was there the day Brian was filming this. I met him as we were waiting to get in, then saw him several times throughout the day. This was a couple of years ago before it expanded.

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Last April we were at WDW. With two days at MK we could not score a single 7DMT FP+. We found out about EMM, and decided to try it. We were first on 7DMT when the park opened, with NO OTHER passengers in the entire train! We then rode it 3 more times.

Later when the park officially opened, a HUGE throng of people led by a cast member descended on 7DMT and the wait immediately went to 90 minutes.

THIS is why EMM is worth it :slight_smile:


We almost did this for our upcoming trip, but the dates didn’t line up for us. I figured that EMM would enable us to do all of MK in a single day so when looking at it I factored in the price of a one-day ticket that would be saved by not having a second MK day. Once that was added to the meal that is included in EMM it seemed like a pretty good deal for us.

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Yes, that is what ultimately sealed it for me. It is astounding to me that we can basically fit an entire extra day into our touring plan just by removing all of the attractions that we can now do during EMM. I’m very excited to actually have “free time” in MK!!!