New DVC Member (non blue card)?

Okay. That makes sense. So my points in 2023. If I want to use them for a trip in March 2024. I bank those, correct? How is this done? If I want to stay at, say- Boulder Ridge. I call DVC to Bank points? How far in advance do I call to make them available for booking in August 2023 for my 2024 spring break trip?

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You don’t have to call. You can do it from the DVC website. (Well…unless you can’t…there have been glitches in the past, but I think those have been addressed.)

You have to bank points at least 4 months before the end of your use year. In your case, once everything goes through, you can just bank them at the time you go to book your trip, since it is more than 4 months.

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When you book the trip online it’ll ask you which points you want to use. Just pick the 2023 points and it’ll automatically bank them then use them

You shouldn’t have to, but like @ryan1 said, if there’s a glitch you may need to. If that’s the case, have them book the trip for you as well.

Zero. They’re already available. You’ll do it all the day of booking the trip. If you bank them too early and then circumstances change and you want to go sooner, you’re screwed because the points have already been moved and can’t be put back.

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I wanted to clarify a really crucial point - you do not have to have points “on hand” in order to book with those points.

The points only have to be available at the time of your stay.

So with a March UY, if you stay somwhere on March 1, 2024, you would be eligible (at booking time) to use March 2024 points for that stay (no need to barrow anything when you book that in 2023).

However, if you stayed on Feb 28, 2024 - you would either use 2023 points or you would have to barrow from 2024 book thay stay.

I hope this helps!


But if I didn’t have the desire to use points before Spring 2024, I can by banking them for 2024, correct?

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Here is the chart for banking deadlines.



Yes - you can bank your 2023 points for use in 2024.

But you don’t need to do anything with the 2024 points to book a spring 2024 stay, even if you book that stay in 2023.

Does that make sense?

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It does. Thank you for helping this DVC rookie:)

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And there was me thinking @IMarriedMyEllie meant they were booking for 2024 and just made a typo……

Glad others were on the ball here.

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Of course - it is all tricky until it clicks in, have had a chance to book and use.

Thinking you have to have eligible points right now in this UY to book a future UY is the most common mistake I see, so I wanted to make sire to check that box.

I have a September UY and it always throws me off!

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