"New" Disney Vacation Account?

I’ve been using a Disney Vacation account for a couple years, so I’m puzzled by Disney announcing this today, describing it as “our newest program”. It looks like the added a little to their calculator that helps someone decide how much they want to save, but it doesn’t look new to me.

What am I missing?

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I think it’s the first time they’re really marketing it. The twitterverse was all over this like it was the first time they heard about it. I know Len covered it like a year ago on WDW Today

I opened my account August 15, 2014 and I know the Vacation accounts had been around for awhile before that time. Sure looks like the same thing today.

Oddly, I hadn’t heard about them until about three months ago. I’m seriously interested in signing up.

Funny, I’m actually reading some of the user agreement for opening an account. Right there, plain as day, “Since initially starting the program on 2013, the bank…blah, blah, blah”. So, despite the DPB saying this a “new” program, it’s actually two years old.

Not that I’d ever doubt @FlyerFan1973

I guess it could’ve been like a Google perennial beta test, but I didn’t think so. Whatever the case, I’ve found it useful for loading a bunch of gift cards and making large purchases.

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Hey, I’m signing up. If I can plop a couple of monies into the account every two weeks, I can have vacations planned far in advance!!

Considering my bank gives me .079265% interest, compounded millennially, I might as well let Disney profit a bit on my money. Like they always do.


I like the idea of a Disney Vacation Account, but what are the benefits to it as opposed to just setting aside the same amount in one’s personal savings account for a future trip?

For me, the biggest benefit is the ease of using multiple Disney gift cards. However, you’re supposed to get a small amount of cashback from using the savings account, in the form of a gift card (I think it’s $20 for every $1,000 spent).

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Well, a 2-percent return is much better than what any banks are currently offering, as @NeedaTurkeyLeg said. I’ll have to look into the program.

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