New Disney Play App

Have you guys seen this?

Sounds interesting.

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The link is going to a “we are fixing this” page. When I read what the link says I remember I heard something about it on a recent podcast. I wonder if the page went live early?

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The link works for me but it isn’t functional yet, just a description of it and an opportunity to pre-subscribe so it will be ready to go once live.

I’m not sure how I feel about it. We’ll try it out though. We usually play Heads Up with the Disney World deck if we find ourselves in for a wait of some kind. But being Liners, that’s pretty rare :wink:


I wonder if it is a Safari issue? Still not working for me.

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I just tested it on my MacBook Air, and it came up. I don’t know why it hasn’t for you. :frowning:

I’ll try it once its out, but I wonder if everything is glitchy lately because they have an IT team devoted to this app. Who knows.

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It will not come up on my iPad or iPhone .

Loads up fine on Firefox on my MacBook:

But Safari gives me this:

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Very weird. Glad I’m not an IT person at WDW. I would feel demoralized if things were always glitchy.


Yeah, I use Chrome

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Just to clarify, when I tested it on my Mac, I was using Safari. Hopefully they will fix that problem before the app launches on June 30th.

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Wait. Actually though I did the first click on my phone, which uses Safari, and it was no issue. I pre-ordered it.

What if you just go to the app store or play store and do a search?

It is not in the App Store on my iPad .

Did you choose iPhone only? It didn’t look like it was an iPad app.

It’s on my phone. So bizarre!

I just looked on my iPad, if you change your filter to iPhone Only, it shows up. :slight_smile: It’s called Play Disney Parks.

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I will try from my phone.

Thanks for your help! I preordered it on my phone.


Len & Jim talked about this on the Disney Dish not too long ago. Let me see if I can find which episode.

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Episode 158.

That is where I heard it!