New Dining Reservation Policy

I was able to make dining reservations for the 1st night when I’m staying in a good neighbor hotel. It is linked to my Disney account. I’m checking into Baylake tower on my 1st park day. The Disney website at 6am wouldn’t let me book dining reservations for my park day or the rest of my trip. I called Disney Dining at 7am, & was told the new policy is that I would have to wait until tomorrow to book the rest of my dining. I said that was ridiculous, since I’ve always been able to book all dining for the week even with split stays. The agent told my he would book them for me this one time as a courtesy. So, now if you live on the West coast, you’ll have to wake up at 2:30am 2 nights in a row! Policies changes like this, is why Disney has gone downhill.

Split stays have always had 2 separate dining windows. It’s not a new policy. I think if both stays are DVC you can get them linked so you can do them all, but otherwise this is the rule, it hasn’t changed.


This is why I did a leading reservation. You still have to do them one day at a time, but not in the middle of when you want to sleep.


I didn’t think they were allowing DVC to book split stays by calling these days but they have gone back and forth on that over the last few years.

It might change when the dining plan is offered again but I have not had an issue booking dining recently even have 3 windows with my recent split stay. I also saw very hard to get ADRs day of during my stay.

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Both of my reservations are linked in my Disney account. The 1st & 2nd days were highlighted as if I could book it, but the website wouldn’t allow it. I’ve never experienced this before & it will be my 15th Disney World trip.

Your first and second day, as in your check in and check out day for your first stay?

Often I will see my dates highlighted in the app, or on the website and I can book on one, but not the other. Sometimes I also have to go to a private or incognito browser but split stays are different booking windows.

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ditto!!! So nice just doing it each morning whenever I wake up with my coffee at my computer. Like when the sun is already up and everything!

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When booking split stays, I confirm that the booking resets on the start of your second leg of the stay. They are not treated as a single longer stay.

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Sometimes you can’t book from that first page, but when you go in to check availability all your dates will show up as available.

You absolutely should have been able to book both check-in and check-out days at the first window.

Then the second part of your stay will be bookable from the switch over day.

You also sometimes need to try both the app and website; either (or both) can glitch.

Hopefully tomorrow goes better for you.

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Oh so you’re not talking about your whole trip, just check out day? That’s just Disney’s crappy IT. I can never book more than check in day on the website, even using private browser. I have to use the app. Some people have the opposite issue.


This is so true. It completely boggles my mind.


I’m finding the Japanese one to be much much worse so count your blessings. Lol


I’ve heard that! :disappointed:

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