New details on Star Wars land at Disney, especially Rise of the Resistance walkthrough - this sounds awesome!

All rumours but a very detailed description of what Rise of the Resistance might entail - wow!


That sounds really cool! Thanks for sharing it.

No, no, no! You’ve got it all wrong! You don’t post links to sites providing details as to how COOL the rides in SWGE will be, because that just makes people WANT to go. We need people to NOT want to go, see? Keep the crowds low.

And if that isn’t motivation enough, what about us fellow forum folks who are planning upcoming trips after it opens and plan to kind of just SKIP SWGE out of fear of the crowds. You’ll make us second guess ourselves posting this kind of information, which not only increases wait times, but totally messes up any touring plans we might hope to make!

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This is not the ride you are looking for…


Sigh! I think this March is our last trip. :frowning: DH isn’t a Disney fan, but he is a believer in the addage of ‘Happy wife, happy life’… but only for so long. How can I convince him to battle crowds and line ups for rides we’d have no hope of getting FPPs for (we are offsite people)? Probably not going to happen.

This means you all better post detailed trip reports. I will have to live vicariously through all of you.

I’m just going to throw this out randomly but I’m disappointed that there is so little Rey stuff in everything I’ve seen so far. Apparently she’s not in this ride. Is there anything in the Launch Bay? Any stage shows? Does she ever show up? Asking for a friend.

Okay, no, asking for me! :disappointed:


I believe she is in Star Wars Galaxy Far Far Away, the stage show in front of the Chinese theater. If it rains and the show is cancelled, she can sometimes be found to meet in Launch Bay.

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Thank you.
I’m really surprised that Disney doesn’t showcase the star of the movies more, but I guess Kylo is just a more cool character. I like him as well, but why Rey isn’t around more is kind of a head-scratcher to me.

Of course, I never understood why everybody liked Darth Vader so much- but again, that’s one awesome costume.

Ohhhh my god. That ride sounds SO. COOL. Squeeee!

Yeah they never have. Just as they don’t with the original characters either, which always frustrated me. Probably something to do with licensing of the likeness of the actors. Meanwhile kylo, chewie, and Vader are all faceless and strictly Star Wars, so they come as part of the package.

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Oh, there you go. That makes a lot of sense, I’m sure that is correct as opposed to the nefarious motives I had imagined.

If my DH saw your post about Vader, he’d be on here defending his favorite Star Wars character. Vader is actually the “star” of the first 6 movies. It’s the story of his fall and redemption.


My DH would say the same thing! Sometimes I think the new series is actually more about Kylo, too. I don’t know why but I like him better than Vader. Too bad we’re not going to get prequels about him. But then the numbering would be very difficult. Episode VI.1 just doesn’t have a lot of cachet, and would look silly in the opening crawl.

Not to mention, you can stick ANY old actor or actress into one of those costumes and not worry about having to look like them. In fact, when Kylo Ren shows up, for all we know there’s a girl under that costume.