New Desktop View?


Got an odd one for everyone. When I log in on my desktop computer I have a new login screen as well as a new interface for the crowd calendar.

When I log in on my laptop, I see the same login screen and the same crowd calendar grids as always (5+ years now).

I do see that the web address on my desktop is which makes me suspicious that it may be a beta version of some new web design for this forum.

Snip 2 is my new crowd calendar view. Snip 1 is the new login screen. Please take note of the My dashboard page is the same as it always was.

I welcome any ideas. This new look is much worse IMO as the grid calendar made it so easy to reference quickly.

I’ve noticed some differences too as TP implements the new design throughout the entire site. I think they are transitioning pages gradually atm, so there will be some quirks.

Btw, Len has been asking for user input the past few months on the new site. He has many threads about it.

Yes, change can be difficult :wink:

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Did you click on the calendar dates to see the detail?

Thanks for the replies. And yes, I clicked the different date links to get the crowd info.

And I did not see these threads from @len but I will try to be more vigilant in my searches. I looked through the front page of this sub-forum and didn’t notice anything.

Here is how I use this information:
–I am able to quickly copy and paste the crowd calendar data for my selected dates into a small excel file that will convert the numbers into a very handy green, red, yellow color system similar to your hourly heat map concept. The only difference is that mine is by day. I no longer can simply view all the calendar data (crowds, hours, extended evening info, after hours info, etc) in one quick and easy step. It’s now all individually hidden behind a pretty to look at but more onerous calendar interface.

–Once copied and pasted into excel, my conditional formatting takes over. I then place it in google drive and right on the homepage of my phone for easy use while in the parks.

Here is my feedback:
–It takes the user longer to access the complete data because now they have to click each day individually.
–Like Genie+ you have now made it pretty to look at, but heavier by design and thus slower to load. (My internet speeds are nuts, that’s not it).
–Change for change sake is not change… It is merely makeup used to make things look prettier. But now you have wait longer and do more things to access the data you once could get with one simple mouse click and scroll.
–Who is paying for this? And for what purpose are the changes being made if the user experience suffers? Haven’t we learned from Disney’s mistakes already?

Change can be difficult as a poster says above but changing with no tangible benefit other than to make everything look more bright, vibrant, and advanced doesn’t really add to the utility of this website IMO.

And my big fear is that you will be passing on all of this to your users in the form of price hikes and cost increases. That sounds very familiar to what we have all experienced in the parks and my sincere hope is that you will learn from that mistake. Less utility, slower access, higher pricing. That’s my guess.

My hopeful fix to this:
Give your users the option to view the “classic view” when you build this out. That way we have the choice to use the new interface or to stick with that view.

Thanks for the opportunity to weigh in.


This is an interesting method of accessing the TP crowd calendar data during your trip.

Viewing the home page of the Lines app is much simpler. All the info you listed is right there. And then you simply swipe to see the next day(s) info.


I can’t even find the forum on the new website. I’m having to use my phone. :woman_shrugging:

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The app is not always the quickest way in the parks. On my spreadsheet I have my dining reservations, and many other tidbits in a small package. One that does not require data to use which makes it very lite and handy on the go.

I also bring in other crowd calendars as a way to cross reference multiple sources before making my decision as to which park to choose. I think I have 4 others currently. On some days TP says MK is red but others tell me it is yellow or green.

It’s just handy. And I don’t need data to use.

It also allows me to pre-vacation plan better as all of my data is in one handy page.

Regardless… Change is difficult, but if this change only alters the user experience I would recommend a button be added for “classic view” as I mentioned above.

This would solve everything and make everyone happy. Unless, of course, the entire subscription cost is raised to cover the new cost of all of these cosmetic upgrades. That would be disappointing for such a great site as this one is.


Here is a small snip of the data I capture. it’s still a work in progress for an upcoming trip we have planned with more data to add.

Regardless. I would still recommend the “classic view” option for those who want to keep it lighter with less graphical noise.


We love spreadsheets here! :nerd_face:

I understand the disappointment with not being able to copy and paste. But my observation is that you already put a lot of time into making your spreadsheet, and manually entering that data seems pretty minimal. :man_shrugging: Unless of course you put many weeks/months of that data into a spreadsheet.

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Usually between 8 and 10 days. It will be much more time consuming. For example it was 8, 6, 7, 9, 6 tab 6, 7, 9, 6, 6 tab. Now its, 8,6,7,9,6 tab click click, 6,7,9,6,6, click click. Seems small but when you have alt+tab working to toggle back and forth, having to move your hand to click and click then alt+tab again it can get cumbersome. I know, I know, 1st world problems.

But again… The classic view option hopefully can exist. I see no issues in giving your paid members choices.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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So, I had to re-login today too, and I’m seeing the new front page. The dashboard button (top right) for me, isn’t working.
Anyone know if there’s somewhere to be logging these bugs, as we try out the new format?

ETA: I should add the details, I suppose! I’m on my laptop (Win11, firefox). When I click the button, it spins for a minute, like it’s going to take me somewhere, but then I just end up back at the same welcome page.
More. I think maybe it didn’t log me in properly. I can get to some original content, but don’t get the personalized stuff. Oh, but it DID have my tracked dates. So, something is definitely in a weird state for me.

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Ok. And what do the little (R) and (T) circles mean? They’re not buttons

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It’s to let you know that park reservations are still available depending on the ticket/package type.

R is for Resort hotels and T is for Ticket

If the parks are sold out, they will be X’d out or something.

Here is how they use to explain it:

Just noticed, it is explained up above on the new site:


I’ve read your comments. Thank you for writing them.


I luckily stumbled on this thread. Between the updated interface and the old interface, I’m not even sure what the new one offers because nothing seems to function. On the older interface, I click on login and get told I’m an invalid user. After clicking on login about 4 to 5 times, I get to log in, but as soon as I try to go to a park page, I get bumped to the (currently) useless new interface. I am just trying to get a sense of current crowds and line times, Nothing comes close to the available information from the previous format.
I hope that you can have it all sorted out soon, without a loss of all the wonderful information that has always been easily accessible. As someone wrote earlier, change for the sake of change but without clear improvement as an end-goal is a mistake.

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For me, the historical data is more valuable then the crowd and wait time predictions. Thankfully, that is still available. Now if that dissappears, I would have a complaint.


100% agreed!
Sometimes I just get a kick out of checking current wait times :grin:


We had some issues with the cookies we store on your browser, that told us things like whether you were logged in, and which set of screens (old or new) you got.

That … was not a great experience. We’ve paused the display of the new pages while we figure out what’s going on. I apologize for the problems. Thanks for your patience with this.


If it’s okay with everyone, I’m going to start a new thread titled “What should the Crowd Calendar look like?” I’ll do that on Monday.


I’ve had a similar issue at times. And sometimes clicking dashboard doesn’t take me where I am used to going and I have to search.

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