New deal through MVT

I had previously booked a vacation with a touring agent and because of budget was actually going to do a split stay with a dining plan. I was going to stay onsite for 3 nights at sports. then move to a budget hotel. The whole package with dining was 1581. I already paid a 200 deposit. Me and my son (8) are traveling april 15-22 The package included 7 day tickets. Then MVT finally contacted me, I actually contacted them first and they never responded. Now 2-3 weeks later I got a quote from MVT for a complete 7 day stay at pop, no dining package, with 7 day tickets for 1775$. I asked her about a quote for sports but they don’t contract through sports. So now my question is do I just cancel with the other agent? I feel kinda bad about it! Is it ok to jump ship lol ? And will I get my 200$ deposit back? It seems like a better deal even though its not with the dining package and I could still add it if I wanted to. Also once I cancel the other plan will I lose all my ADRs?
Thanks and sorry for the long post!

also it might be worth mentioning this is me and ds8 first trip!!

I would go with the best deal. If you cancel with your other agent, you will get your deposit back. ADRs are not attached to your resort reservation, so they will be fine.

Disney has not released a discount for April yet have they? Most likely Disney will have a package but lately they have not included weekend nights and MVT has always had the best discounts if they have an exclusive deal. You need to go with the deal that is best for you. As noted you will not lose your ADRs or deposit. Enjoy!

Many of us are trying MVT for the first time because others out here have assured us they are on the up and up. I posted about the upcoming Labor Day 2018 sale under Accommendations. I now have two vacation booked via MVT. One in March and the other in August. I have been booking my own vacation online via Disney Worlds site. I have waited for the two big specials which are the Free Dinning Special in the Fall and the Play, Stay, and Dine Special in the Spring. I could not even come close to the prices MVT got me. I do not understand why it took you so long to get a quote, I had mine via Darcy in a day. You must do what you think is best for you and your family. MVT specials are limited and may not be on the time schedule you and yours require.

Many of us have used them many times.

Between you, the others, and Darcy I have been convinced. I try to pass this forward so others might benefit if they wish. Thanks.

someone had mentioned on here that the website might have been down, maybe that’s why no one had contacted me the first time i tried.

Could be. I hope you were able to contact an agent with MVT.

I was! She got me a good deal. I am going to have to cancel with the other TA.

@DocHopper I am convinced now. I even checked the numbers myself. She also gave me a quote for a moderate resort. But right now I’m going for the cheapest room I can get. I don’t need any frills. Lol.
After checking the numbers, the other agent didn’t save me anything. Same thing I could have booked myself.

Some times this is the case as there may not be a deal that fits your needs and at the times you wish to go. They also book outside these deals but you can do the same on-line.

With MVT, after the initial deposit, do you pay them or pay on Disney website? Using them for first time in August and am able to stay at Beach Club for $200+ less than what other TA quoted for a split stay Pop to Beach Club! (With slight tweaking of dates-less than a week)

So grateful for advice from more experienced WDWers!

I have always paid them, although one reservation I made gave me a link on my MDE account to pay Disney ( I was told at that time to let my agent know if I made a payment- I am not sure if this was before/after a MDE update and if it is still possible). I have paid MVT with a credit card and one time with a Disney gift card.

Yes my agent said I’d have to make payments to her.