New Dashboards

A HUGE shoutout to the tech staff for the new Dashboard that seems to have magically appeared on the TP website. This is an AWESOME tool. I entered the dates for my upcoming trip, and on one page I get crowd info, predicted weather, and links to my TPs crteated for those dates. Also all of the "regular" TP links including Lines, and the new Forums. As we would say in the Navy and Marines - BRAVO ZULU!


Thanks for posting this... I added a link over on the DLR side so all my fellow liners see this.. Agreed it is awesome!

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Ok, can't seem to add a picture, but when I got to the new Dash board, it tells me I am a premium subscriber, but I only have basic access and I should upgrade to the premium subscription. If I am already a premium, how can I upgrade to Premium? What am i missing? Thanks

Will we be able to access dashboards through the Lines app, or will it be through TP website? Just curious...

I just entered my dates for DL 2015. AWESOME!!!!! @bswan26 I am reading your DL blog again!

Its going to be coming soon on Lines. Not this week or anything, but soon.

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Don't worry you're subscribed to WDW - the "you have a basic subscription" part refers to other properties, Universal, Disneyland in CA, etc. There are headings but I've had a few users say that they're hard to see, I'll see what I can do to improve visibility in future. Thanks!

Do not feel bad

Do not feel bad I have only been a member for 6 days. I am pretty chatty for 10K posts on Lines.