New DAS rules

Unfortunately cobbled, narrow streets and hills do make some places not very wheelchair friendly. Plus in many historic buildings putting in elevators etc isn’t possible.
There are some non-accessible London underground stations but there are alternatives. Paris metro though isn’t very accessible at all. I suspect y the same is true for other older networks. Not much they can do about that though.

Not sure if the Tokyo DL video was posted here. I did see it. Guy clearly hadn’t done his research. I’ve seen others say if you plan ahead and have the right documentation it’s fine. Some rides do need you to transfer, but since he seemed to object to actually read the info they gave him he probably didn’t understand that.


I’m a naive optimist and really think this will be the case. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


This makes much more sense. 18 years ago when we went to Japan, but not TDR, the subway stations almost all had elevators. I have seen the disability booklet TDR has on their website which looked fine from what I can remember. I have not seen the video, and don’t care to. As we liners know, planning is key. I do know they have wheelchairs for rent in TDR and I believe in Paris they actually have ECVs available.


Me too! Was just talking about this with my niece who has 5 kids who all qualified for DAS in the past. We are hoping to plan a 2026 January WDW trip. I still think at least a couple of her kids would qualify. The tough part will be the travel group of 8. But we have time to see how the dust settles. I tend to be a naive optimist when it comes to a lot of things. It makes me a happier person! :joy: