New Covid Rope Drop Strategies

So our family has been pretty avid rope droppers and stay off property for our Disney vacations. We almost always are on popular rides at the earliest times possible to maximize our time spent not waiting in lines. Touring plans has been a huge help for us in the past. I have a few questions regarding the latest rope drop info I can find.

It appears to me that those coming into the parks via parking lot are essentially having to wait at the parking gates now til about 30-45 minutes prior to park opening and Disney buses and other forms of transportation are sliding in ahead of them. Given that the parks are already open and people allowed to head to rides, it appears this strategy may be more difficult now.

Has anyone had success getting to FOP, TT, 7DMT, or favorite HS ride in the early groups coming from off property? Is the only realistic way to do so to get an Uber or Lyft or is the same problem going to exist with getting to the gate?

Has anyone attempted to be dropped off near the path from the resorts to HS and walk over in their early hours there?

I ask these questions as the absolute worst thing to do in my mind is to arrive at the back end of the first rush and be in what appears to be the longest wait of the day for a headliner ride.

Thanks for any help and discussion.

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@bebe80 and his family were there within the last two weeks and they drove everywhere (offsite). He was able to effectively rope drop, though you will unfortunately be behind walkers and also some arriving by bus / Skyliner. So it depends on exactly how far to the front you want to be.

Here is his trip report:

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People are taking Lyft/Uber to the Speedway gas station near Hollywood Studios and walking from there. You can see from this satellite shot that there are sidewalks that connect to the path from Boardwalk area. This is what I am planning to do next month on our HS day. My experience from driving to HS last August was that they were not allowing cars into the lot until the gates were already open or close to it.



We rope dropped HS and AK while driving our rental car. Had great success with very low waits for TOT/RnRC & FOP. Parking gates opened at :14 after. So 46 minutes before official open.

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If you can walk to DHS from here, technically you could walk to EP also. Right? Might be a bit of a hike, but in theory…

Absolutely, although I’d go for a Swan drop off to get to Epcot. Really the walk from the Speedway direct to Boardwalk lobby is closer, but no sidewalks. I’m sure the gatekeepers wouldn’t care for that. Looking forward to the time we can just come in and park as early as we like again instead of these ridiculous workarounds.

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What’s the latest on rope dropping MK?

Any feasible way Lyft and MO can still work with the CR guard, like if you click “I’m here” in front of him? Is being dropped off near the walking path without going through the CR guard working with any consistency? Or is that walk to beat the crowd now a lost cause except for the very earliest Wave/CM ADR’s or by staying at CR?

Still seeing inconsistent info on GF walking path too. Some places say closed til 30 min before official MK opening. Some reports saying they walked on it earlier.

Haven’t heard any concrete developments on this in awhile.

Someone on chat tried to drive into CR parking lot with mobile order this morning and were not let in, even when they offered to click I’m Here in front of him. The guard told them with a table service reservation, you can park one hour ahead.

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Similar question: I was able to get what is now a PPO breakfast on our HS day at 8:55am for a 10am open. Obviously park hours may change but I have a little heartburn right now about getting there on time. We will be staying on site, will buses be running that early? Or if we Lyft, is there a way to be let in or will we be held with everyone else until closer to park open? Walking is theoretically an option but we will be pushing a double stroller so… not super excited about a long walk first thing… thanks for letting me post this question here!!

That’s weird that they let you make a reservation that early since the park normally wouldn’t open till like 9:10 on a 10am open day, and I don’t think they are admitting people with ADRs earlier than the masses (I could be wrong). But if you take the bus and are late, you can just tell them so and I’m sure they will accommodate you.

I wonder if they know park hours are going to change such that the park will actually open at 9am (aka 8:10am)?

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How’s the monorail play into this - ex: if you can get to Poly or GF is the monorail helpful at all?

This is all great information. Appreciate the discussion. We had actually thought about this very strategy with the Speedway near HS. Had looked at that same satellite view and thought it looked like those sidewalks connected. Also it looks like there is no gate to that second left off of Epcot Resorts Blvd and wondered if you could park your car in the Boardwalk convention center parking lot and walk to the pathway but can’t imagine Disney would allow that.

Does anyone know if they open that back entrance to Epcot at the same time as the front entrance? That would seem like a viable option as well for rope dropping Epcot to get to TT or Frozen qiuickly.

Glad to hear bebe80 that they were opening the gates for parking earlier than I had heard. We would much rather just park and go. Things appear to be ramping up a little with the downturn in Covid and spring break park numbers appear to be on the rise. Maybe they will open up a little sooner even the next few weeks. We arrive next Friday so will update on anything we find.

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You can park at Boardwalk only if you have a reservation to eat at a restaurant there (or are a hotel guest).

Yes, at least in Covid times, the International Gateway opens at the same time as the main entrance. You get to Frozen about the same time but when Ratatouille opens it could be a big advantage (unless they change open procedure).


That’s what I am thinking, since they seem to be extending park hours for basically every park every day. Thought I would add to the discussion in case it becomes a “thing” again to do PPO. But if the only way you can get there that early is to walk… makes it hard to use as an advantage.

ETA: My ADR is for the Hollywood and Vine breakfast that was just announced. There aren’t really any breakfast ADRs going on now so may be just a one off situation but given that HS seems to be the hard ticket to get, I wanted to mention in case it helps someone else.