New countdown - something positive!

I’m excited to share that DS and I have new countdown for this summer! The plan is to stay for TEN days/nights. We had to cancel our trip this past summer, and we both need something to look forward to. Let the planning begin ( even though nobody has any idea what Disney will look like in July!) :grinning:


My DD and I are starting to plan again for our June trip. Hoping to pop some more excitement into our evenings when she visits from college!

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…well… look no, but feel… hot, humid. Plan appropriately :wink:

I’m excited you have something lovely to look forward to


Ha! We’ve always gone during summer due to school schedule, so we will be prepared! :joy:

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Yes, we did that for years too and I finally couldn’t take the heat any more and we just started pulling our kids out of school when the airfare and resort prices were lowest.

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I went ONCE during July… never, never again, lol. Luckily we get a week off for Mardi Gras, usually Feb or early March. We’ve always taken advantage of Disney then. I have noticed it getting busier and busier for MG though. (step) DD’s mom would never let us take a few days off gor vacations (though she had no problems when it suited her :woman_facepalming:). No more littles, so I can now go whenever we want!

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We have gone in June, July, and in August. I’ve learned to just put my hair up, wear water wicking clothes, and go back to resort midday for pool break and change of clothes. Our last trip in July, 2019, DS made a game of walking through Liberty square and Frontierland of finding the most shaded route and through the most air conditioned doorways that he wasn’t paying attention and walked right into one of the country bear characters! The CM in the bear costume was great and turned it into a great character interaction that was hilarious. :joy:


Oh Geez, this sounds exactly what DS did back then, for July trip, except it happened EVERYWHERE :joy:. I think I, by myself, could be fine with Disney in summer. Taking the whiney kids and DH, ummmm, no. Lol

That’s not a thing any more.

It’s been like that - our big birthday bash for Sept 2019 was new territory because of Star Wars Land revamping EMHs almost WDW wide.

Planning may change frequently but, hey, you’re a scientist - always readjust to new input. :grin: