New Car Needs Disney Name/Plate

Bought myself a new Mini Clubman ALL4 last night. She is gorgeous! Melting Silver with black racing stripes and black top. Needs a Disney name and plate. Please vote?

  • Edna/NOCAPES
  • Edna/EDNAMOD
  • Maude/CSNMAUD
  • Constance/HCHAWAY
  • Edward/MSRGRCY
  • WALL-E/WDWA113
  • Something Else (comment below)

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Just saw one that is PXIDSTD, but it was New Hampshire so probably not available for you!

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I see that car a lot!!

So mess with them and get PIXIDST


how overt do you want the reference to be? Something only “those in the know” would get or something anyone would get?

For example: DOOM-BGY vs DZNE-FAN

(also, I vote DOOM-BGY :smiley: )


I like this idea on so many levels. Not sure what the “name” would end up being, though.

Oh i just looked that up, it’s not available. BUT …DUME-BGY is.

And the name would be the same, I guess?

Or use one of the hitch-hiking ghost names. Or Leota.

Du-Meb-Gy? What’s Du-Meb-Gy?

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Dummy Bag. Why?

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How about MCKYBAR?



It would be a triple entendre then!

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I’m afraid to give bad juju to the car by calling it a doombgy because I definitely thought of that


Well…you could always call it Kylo-Run.


Hmmm not sure bad juju derives from that though, especially given you could be the one dolling out the doom!

(dole-whp? A “whip” is another term for a nice car, after all)

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I’ve ridden in the Doom Buggies in HM for years and I’ve survived every single time! :wink: So, it might actually be a LUCKY name.

NFW and you know it!

dole whip is cute but it’s not an orange car. It’s silver. I would be more inclined to go the way of MCKYBAR if I were going the snack route

How about NMADLNG?



Mal (short for maleficent) based upon her awesome description and colors… not sure about a plate.
Esme’ for esmeralda since she is also one of those spicy beautiful characters.

“EVA” is also available. As is simply “WALLE”