New Bon Voyage Adventure Character Breakfast Now Booking

Hi there,

Exciting news! The new character breakfast at Trattoria al Forno is now available to book on the Disney website. The character breakfast will be available as of early April and will include royal couples such as Rapunzel/Eugene and Ariel/Eric.

We are attending in early May! DDs are very excited. :grinning:



OH! Eugene! swoon He’s my favorite prince!

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Argh! I tried this morning and the CM told me not until March first! Im on MDE now and keep getting the “paws” error! And a 15 minute wait for a CM!

Congratulations on scoring a reservation and telling us about it!!:smiley:


Thanks again for posting! Finally found a live person and we have a 7:40 breakfast…a bit early for me but DD is happy!


I got one yesterday online for late April. I called and confirmed it included the characters and she said YES! We’re super excited! :slight_smile:


So is the only way to make a reservation by calling? My reservation window opens up next week but I usually just use MDE. Should I just call instead? I’m so excited about this one, I don’t want to miss it!

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You should be able to make the ADR online. The website has had some issues, but it’s generally a good way to book your meal. If it doesn’t work, definitely give them a call. Enjoy!

Just got an adr there for June… yeah! But we are staying off site… will we be able to park at the boardwalk without issue? And how long do you think we can leave our car there? Was hoping to run into the back entrance of Epcot to do a few rd rides immediately following breakfast!

I think you can leave your car at the Boardwalk. You just need to say you have a dining reservation. They will probably scan your magic band or check your name to confirm. I don’t think there is a limit on how long you can park there. I’m sure you’d be fine dipping into epcot for a bit. Yay to both of us for getting reservations!