New BOG dinner — your experiences?

This has me feeling even more gloomy:

Anyone had the new-style dinner there? Is it bad?

DH and I really enjoyed it. I have a feeling the new ratings are based on the price and change in the menu items. They’re a little more… adventurous. I think the balance is just right, but that’s only my opinion.

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We haven’t been yet, but I honestly think the dip in ratings are largely due to the fact that lots of people go to see the beast, despite the food not really being their style. When the new menu was first announced I lost count of how many people said they “hated it”, and nobody in their party “would eat any of it”. If you don’t like “fine dining style” food, no meet ‘n’ greet is going to change that. DH and I are the exact opposite - the menu change has made us much more likely to make a dinner ADR. If I were you I’d try it. Never trust anyone else’s opinion when it comes to food. :wink:

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My guess is the adventurous food. I don’t plan on eating there our next trip due to the food and I don’t really want to pay adult prices for my 11 year old to not eat most of his meal or get a kids meal. Since you don’t have kids and don’t seem to mind a variety of foods, try it for yourself. You may enjoy it.

This review is very positive — and the pictures look good. Maybe it is the cost. I’m on the DDP so I don’t care about that.

I’ve looked at the menu a few times. There is no way DD10 could eat $60 worth of food (let alone $40). Meeting the Beast would not make this “worth” it for us. Now on an adults only trip? I think I’d enjoy it.

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I think a lot of the issues arose when it became a prix fixe dinner. People wanted to explore the castle, try the grey stuff, meet the beast and maybe have a cupcake. You can’t do that anymore so for some people, the “value” of the meal isn’t there. I can understand why people with picky eaters would be bothered by paying that much for dinner for a meal they didn’t enjoy.

Having said that, for people who do like the meal options, my impression is that the reviews have been good, overall.

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Having been before and had the “castle experience” I’m more interested in the food than the atmosphere. So my hopes remain high. (That being said, I’m still excited to be eating in Beast’s castle.)

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We went during August 2018 and loved it. We thought the food was good. Both adults got the filet for the main course. I had the lobster bisque (well, a few tastes as my DD4 ate most of it!) and my husband had the French onion soup. Loved the presentation of the deserts! And we got lucky with a table by the windows with the snow falling.

My only complaint was that we had a 20 minute wait for the beast, but we took a long time to eat and got a bottle of wine. So maybe our timing was off to line up for the beast.

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We went last week. I had the lobster bisque and filet. The steak was very nice, the bisque was a little underwhelming but fine (my husband’s french onion soup looked much better), and I loved the dessert. I would definitely go again.

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Our entrees weren’t served hot. In fact, it was pretty obvious that they had been sitting around for a while after being plated. The flavors were good, and if the food had been hot I would probably have said the food was very good. The appetizers were ok, but unremarkable. We didn’t care for the desert trio at all.

I don’t like the fixed price menu concept. If I don’t want an appetizer or dessert I don’t want to be forced to order them, and then feel compelled to eat them because I’m paying a ridiculous price for them either way. That being said, I’ll still do it from time to time when there is something else in it for me (like the Candlelight Processional dining package). Be Our Guest doesn’t have that something else (for us, anyway). It was always just about the food, and that’s no longer sufficient to draw us back.

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I know I’m not the target audience for this dinner because there is not a SINGLE item in the appetizer list that I’d even consider trying. Just skip it. Why can’t they offer, for the unadventurous, at least SOMETHING in the realm of “ordinary”. A good mozzarella cheese stick, maybe? Or a house salad? Too ordinary? Well, then don’t charge me for something I’m not going to want to eat!


Actually, that’s the one complaint I’d have, too. My steak was hot but I think the sides had been plated sooner–potatoes, etc, were luke warm. I didn’t mind because I was full and really only wanted to eat the steak and a bite or two of the other things.

They have to justify the fixed price premium. In a way I can see their dilemma (or what I’m guessing is at least part of their dilemma). Looky-loos ordering cheese sticks and cupcakes won’t keep the doors open very long at a restaurant like BOG. (I’m not implying that’s you, or that being a looky-loo is inherently bad.) I just wish they could find an alternative solution that works for both diners AND Disney Corp.

I haven’t eaten there since the change, but I wasn’t too keen on the fixe prix menu and the jump to two DP credits. While we are adventurous eaters, we do have some major food allergies and intolerances. I was disappointed to see that none of the desserts on the allergy menu were tree nut free. Last year when we went there, they had the most delicious no-sugar-added creme brulee. This year, not a sign of it. Last year I made my two non-dessert eaters order that so that I could take two with me and have later. LOL!

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I know you weren’t asking for suggestions, here, really, but they do have a house salad that seems relatively ordinary. My husband is not a very adventurous eater (he humors me), and he actually specifically said that the melty cheese on top of the french onion soup hit the same yummy spot for him as a mozzarella stick.

Perhaps if you can swap out the dressing. Don’t like citrus in a salad.

Perhaps I can ask for JUST the melty cheese?

Okay. Admittedly, I wouldn’t go. But hypothetically, there are folks out there like me who might want to experience BOG or have their family experience but don’t really want such food.

Yeah. And that’s fine. As long as they have something for everyone. I’d argue, at least with the Appetizers, they don’t, really. Not that it matters for me.

I won’t try the appetisers either. So what do I get for my 2 credits? Basically the same 2 course meal in exactly the same surroundings that I got for 1 credit. I loved my meal there but not enough to use 2 credits on it.

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Looking back now, I think they should have opened as a signature restaurant at 2 credits with the food and theming they have now. It makes the most sense and is in keeping with dining at CRT. I think the problem is people got used to being able to just get a cupcake and a meet and greet and stopped viewing it as a restaurant. I liked the old menu and I also like the new, but for theming the new is much more impressive and what I want to expect from Disney. 2 credits at CRT is tough to swallow, but you’re eating in the castle and getting a meet n greet. BOG is now the same, so I agree with their thought process although I can understand it being tough to swallow now.

Yes if it had opened at 2 credits, I just wouldn’t have gone. It’s paying twice as much and getting nothing more that I can’t stomach.

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