New batch of Southwest flights

I remember someone asking in chat awhile back when SW would open more flights from January on…several people responded today, and I remembers that because it was my 180 day mark. Someone said you could see the date on their homepage somewhere, but I can’t find it and I am not seeing any flights part the beginning of January. Where can I check the date on their site? TIA.

It’s under Travel Tools. I believe the next flight dates are opening on August 4.

You’re right; it says the 4th. It must have changed…did say subject to change when I looked at it just now. Thanks!

Yep, Aug 4 dates though March 6.

I remember the thread in chat, and couldn’t find it then, and I still can’t find it.
What do I look for under travel tools? Please help.

Just reported on Lines Chat that the date has now been changed to August 25. Erghhhhhh.

We are currently accepting air reservations through March 6, 2015. On August 25 2014, we will open our schedule for sale through April 6, 2015. This date is subject to change! Please check back frequently.

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Well woohoo. I guess the poster on lines was mistaken.