New Badges. You've earned them

@laurelstewart should take you out more. LOL

Awards closet is where we store all the awards before they get shipped out!

500 = spork
1000 = liner plaque
2500 = Mickey shaped Moleskin
5000 = Pool noodle bent into pretzel shape
7500/10000 = Pewter Packing Cube

Higher prizes have include segways, airline tix, silver mickey ornaments, a pewter kilt, and more.


I was so close to 22000. Totally missed posting my 20000 and 21000

I’m still awarding prizes over in chat, SA! What are you at?? :frog:

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I’m at 21829. I’ll let you know when I hit 22000. Considering I’m going to WDW on Friday I should get there pretty quickly!

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Bring it on, sister! :frog:

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Gassing up the new Segway waiting in the awards closet!

I lost my “leader” badge now that the Lounge workaround is gone. So is there a list of Forum badges and descriptions and what we need to do to earn them?

I’m a complete badge hoarder. I want my sporks and badges and chatterversaries… I want them all!! mwah hahahahahahahaha

and I’m SOOOO close to a pewter packing cube from @LuvMuppets!!

Cc @Lentesta @LaurelStewart @daybreaker


Closing in on the pool noodle! :swimmer: :spaghetti:

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I see you’re carb loading. LOL

spaghetti? How does that get you closer to the noodle?? (duh - that just became apparent to me as I typed…)

No list, but are you able to set your own title in your profile? And will I regret telling you about it?

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I think I maybe just set my own title. Hmmmmmmmm.

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Nope “Packing Matron” isn’t showing up.


@LaurelStewart I also lost my Leader badge and I have over 5K chats. How can I fix this?

oooooooooh… I must try this!!! mwah hahahahahahaha

Patience. We’re working on things. It’s the same code reason that weren’t able to keep the lounge open for people with lots of chat posts.

Besides, many of the badges were canned ones we got with the software. I think we can do way better with making our own, but it will take time. I’d rather get some of the technical issues ironed out first before we add more bells and whistles.

Yes, yes! Functionality, simplicity, efficiency, bloatware removal… then bells & whistles. :wink:


I want my Leader back. How did you get your Leader back?