New Avatar Water Flick - LET'S GO!

I did too. It’s really 2 movies smashed together: the first half is a romance; the second half is an action movie.


That’s tricky, because there are several excellent cinematic moments in that movie!

This made an indelible impression on me. Seemed phenomenally authentic.


Saw it three times in the theater. Loved it!

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Everytime I see a perview it makes me want to be at Disney riding FOP. I hope the experience of seeing the new movie will make you feel closer to your sister. I can’t imagine the emotions, but what a beautiful opportunity.:people_hugging:


I loved Titanic. Without the love story you don’t feel the loss and tragedy. And the special effects were awesome.

I also enjoyed Avatar. I never saw Dances with Wolves so didn’t have the comparison. And I saw it in IMAC 3D and just loved the creation of a whole new world, even if the storyline was a bit meh.


Will be seeing it this weekend, reluctantly. Have to be part of the spectacle. I’m a sucker for great visuals and sound.

The thing I disliked the most about Avatar was Sam Worthington. I just can’t stand his dull performance and it leads me to hating the character and wanting the colonel to kill him. Unfortunately it seems he survives for all the sequels. Hopefully it exceeds my expectations or it will be a looong 190 minutes.


I find it unfortunate and kind of annoying that this is coming out on the heels of Wakanda Forever and Namor/the blue beings of that movie.

I didn’t like Avatar but it was obviously very visually interesting. I like FoP but that’s about all the time I need to spend with that world. I’m sure the new one would be stunning to see but I’m not willing to spare the time.


Granted the humanity vs nature, intercultural thing is derivative.

One new aspect in Avatar that I liked, was how the main character is disabled, and interacts via a mindlinked, out-of-body experience. Echoes of The Matrix and immersive VR themes that appeal to me.


We called it Dances With Smurfs :smirk:

That’s brilliant :rofl:

Then it would be called Stuffy McStuff-face


Me and the fam thought it was great, the time went by fast. Didn’t even have a thought to get a drink refill.


We were at a large, standard seating IMAX theatre, dead center. Drink refills were out of the question as were restroom breaks!

We enjoyed it!


Pretty much in agreement here. Of course there’s things to pick on, but I think I liked it more than the original because of already having accepted the powers of Pandora and the Na’vi. Not as much a leap now. Also liked the emphasis on the fatherly role of protecting his family, and the kids in general. A bit too convenient how the colonel was resurrected to again be the villain, but he does such a good job of walking the line between a caricature/stereotype and a real and complicated person. I think we’ll get more layers of his character and past in Part 3.

Couldn’t help but order this to go with the movie. More novelty than anything, but it set the tone.


I didn’t see that drink, but my theater had 3 styles of popcorn buckets. We got this one:


Absolutely see this in 3D! We didn’t see it in IMAX, but did see it on a large screen. In some of the still shots underwater, you will swear you are looking at a large aquarium filled with exotic sea creatures (and a few blue people).

In 2009 I took my then 10 year old son to see it in 3D, and near the start he said, “This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!”. My now 13 year old daughter didn’t go that far when she saw it this weekend with me (We’ve ridden Flight of Passage 6 times), but she definitely enjoyed it.


A few youtube reviewers have said that if you do not see this one in 3d, you’ve done it wrong. I haven’t seen a 3d flick in years, supposedly the tech is now amazing. One reviewer rated this movie “amazetacular.”

All reviewers have said the same kinda thing - Cameron flix normally have similar storylines, there should be no surprise that the storyline is derivative, and probably has something to do with preserving nature, but the visuals are immersive and the action is crazy. One said the last 45 minutes is basically non-stop action, and the three hours flew by.


I will admit at the end I thought he just stole the storyboards from a previous movie :rofl:

3D is the way to go!

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Just stumbled across the first Avatar on cable, and am remembering now the one thing that drives me absolutely crazy:

The Pandoran species are all interlinked, right? So why is it that the humanoids are the only species that are not hexapedal? Every other species we encounter is.


I’ve thought about this too.


A. Na’vi either went through an evolutionary process where they became tetrapedal over time for efficiency in function, with the extra two limbs not useful or even a hindrance for balance and movement.

B. Or they are not native to Pandora, were artificially engineered by an alien species that had previously visited to connect with the environment, using other available DNA. The original Na’vi then were in fact Avatars themselves, artificial vessels inhabited by alien consciousness but able to reproduce and generate native organisms with autonomy.

More likely:

A. Easier to motion capture and get all the Na’vi visual effects to look right.

B. The more human the appearance, the easier for the audience to empathize with the Na’vi, which is what the whole story depends on.


My husband can’t do 3D so we saw it in 2D and really enjoyed it. My kids and I are going to go back to see it in 3D bc I could tell it was designed for that purpose. The story was super cheesy but I totally expected that. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole thing. NOT seeing it was out of the question, because Avatar is my son’s favorite movie. He even learned a fair bit of the Navi language, for what it’s worth. You just never know… He wasn’t even born when Dances with Wolves came out, or Pocahontas for that matter, so reusing a storyline wouldn’t bother him. I mean, we all have read enough lit and seen enough movies at this point to know nothing is really novel… In my opinion…

Enjoyable? Yes. Dumb? Sure. Worth it? Meh… Maybe? But I’m going to go throw more money at it while the kids still want to hang out with me. Sad too that I actually am SCUBA certified and go diving in the real ocean maybe once a month, but the idea of 3D still seems enticing.