New Avatar Water Flick - LET'S GO!

I’ve seen a few reviews on Youtube, and i am finally hyped for a movie as much as a New Star Wars movie. The only 2 reviews I watched both said the new one blows the old one away. It’s supposedly the typical Disney storyline, no surprises there, and we all know that it is what it is. I’m not going to a Sci Fi flick to think, sorry. I want to see aliens eating people, and/or explosions, and/or all kinds of special effects, and Cameron always delivers for me. I don’t really care about storyline if the other stuff is immersive enough. I won’t go for a few weeks, probably close to xmas, but I’m giddy. Need to find those old, baggy cargo pants for all the stuff I’m sneaking :disguised_face: :ninja: into the theater. LET’S GO!


I’m pumped because we board the fantasy on Saturday and it will be playing in the theater there!!!


Saturday for me too!


I’m glad everyone seems to be excited! I have never been able to finish the original Avatar. I’ve tried 3 times. I get sooooooooo bored. I don’t care pretty it is. Which is strange because I LOVE Cameron’s other movies! (I’m a major Terminator guy!)

Try not to drink too much soda or bring a diaper!! :crazy_face:


I always ask for two cups with my drink. :man_scientist:


I found it boring the first time I watched it. Then, after discussing with a coworker several years ago about how Avatar is really just Dances with Wolves, but with blue people on an alien planet, I watched it again, more appreciating the allegory of the story. That isn’t to say I fell in love with it. But it made it more tolerable.


I’m team never watch a James Cameron movie ever again. (Hated Titanic, never watched Avatar)


It’s basically the same storyline of 43% of every movie ever made. The storyline is what it is. Kind of an “if it ain’t broke” situation. The visual side however, that’s where Cameron earns his keep. I’m not going to Cameron movies for storylines, but that’s me.

Which leaves an opening to again post one of my favorite things ever

Right now, I’m feeling the way I felt after watching the first movie - it looks gorgeous but the story seems iffy.


LOL - I’ve always thought the name “unobtanium” was a huge issue. There has to be a story behind that name. Like kids or someone special was allowed to name the substance.


:rofl: :rofl:

This is exactly why I find it boring. I saw the comparison in about 20 minutes into the film. I enjoyed Dances with Wolves. I’ve already seen “Avatar” in about 3 other versions before. It’s not an original tale and none if the characters are compelling to me in the least.

I found Lt. Dunbar / Costner an interesting character at least.

That’s my Avatar “hot take”… hope everyone else likes the sequel. I’ll just fly on the back of the Mighty Ikran without ever needing to know the whole story and still enjoy that ride. (Even the land is pretty!) I have no love for the IP though and would be just as happy if it were a generic “Beastly Kingdom”


It struck me like it was a placeholder…like he wrote the script and said to himself “I’ll fill that in with something cool sounding and creative later” and just never did. Sort of like Mustafar in Star Wars

This is an excellent piece of internet right here.

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I have some definite mixed emotions going to the theater to see it…

My big sister Bonnie and I loved it so much I actually purchased a 3d tv bundle package…yes the TV still works. It kinda became a thing for us so after she beat breast cancer TWICE - she said all she wanted to do was ride FoP… I booked Bonnie’s trip and that would be the last time I saw her in person…My solo trip this year I went back on FoP was a sniffily mess but happy remembering her and that trip.

I plan to go see it solo mid day mid week so that if its an emotional overload I can duck out quietly…




I had to Google Cameron’s movies to see what all he has made.
The only ones I have seen are The Terminator, Terminator 2 (which has one of my favorite cinematic scenes of all times - care to guess?), and True Lies.

This post is begging for an “I’ll be back,” tie in, but I worked overnights and I don’t feel very clever. :stuck_out_tongue:


So you never saw Titanic?


I actually really liked Titanic. Using a fictional story to show us the likely events of the ship sinking in near real time was really well done.