New AP discount for early winter 2023 at WDW up to 25% off rooms

I can’t see the specifics for more of the details because I am not AP and the discount is not showing up on the TA side with details as of now. But a guest alerted me to it and lo and behold there is a TON of availability out there

Get booking friends!


Just went back in to make a fake booking and got the details to come up

I was just able to get ASSports to come up at $99/nt using this code :flushed:
Have we seen any double-digit resort room pricing at all in the last 3 years??


That’s awesome but it’s sun-thr. They don’t want to give up weekend rates

I happened to be looking this morning and saw this deal (which must’ve been in the middle of the tuesday upgrade because the links were funky for a few minutes).
I rebooked my AOA stay for DD8s bday in February. I saved about $200 for a 3 night stay. Sadly, it was still more than a non discounted room in the past. I’ve been Chapek’d again!
oh well. I guess I’ll save that extra $ for all the price increases everywhere else…

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Just ASS. I had booked a Music? room for early March 2021 for right around $99/night, right after that resort was supposed to reopen. It did not end up reopening as scheduled so they moved us to CSR and then upgraded us to GDT. Ended up quite amazing for the price.


Sun-Thurs until 3/1 and then most nights 3/1-4/30 including weekends

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$99/nt is pretty darned close to olden days peak season pricing at the values.


Well damn that’s amazing. GDT for $99/nt???

Yes please!


Disney: D23. Unfavorable guests.

AP holders: damn you Bob Paychek!

Disney 30 days later: AP holders get 25% off rooms!

AP holders: book, book, book. “Tell your friends!”

I’m not here to pick a fight I am just :smirk: and :popcorn:


I’m not an AP holder

I just share the Good Word

People are free to take it and run with it or continue to snub their nose at The Execs

PS don’t you have a trip report to be writing???

Hehe. Been enjoyint this first trip in 8 years and first with our son. But i am keeping some notes. I will try to write upon return… And I have 2 full days of driving ahead of me after these last two days in the parks.


Hope you’ve been having a great time!

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Please do. I look forward to reading.