New After Hour Dates and Park Announced

There would be six attractions ( based on last time) and three of them would be: It’s Tough to be a Bug, Triceratops Spin, and Navi. Think about that……


True…but I would enjoy seeing everything lit up. My family loves FOP enough to make a night of that.

This is where I would see the big value at AK. We did see Pandora lit up in December, but crowds are so huge that it was hard to fully enjoy it without constantly feeling you were in someone’s way…or they were in your way. And of course having short waits for Navi, FOP, Dinosaur, and EE!

And…despite best intentions, we really haven’t seen more than a glimpse of Awakenings, which I presume they would have going on during the event.


Wait … I thought you were done with Disney World???

You don’t think it is worth $100+ to ride this over and over with no wait?


That pre-show gets very, very annoying!

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Do keep up.


Super excited! I was able to shift my dates in August by a day to be able to add Epcot on Aug 24 onto my plans. Now to just secure that ticket!!


I just returned from a trip and we did both Hollywood and Magic Kingdom after hours last week.

Hollywood was great We did Midway mania twice, slinky twice, rise twice, millennium falcon, and aliens. We got snacks twice. We did have to backtrack back to Droid Depot because my friend lost her droid remote. We probably could have squeezed in another ride, but we were tired. We probably waited 15 minutes at most for slinky and five minutes for rise.

Magic kingdom was fine. We got on haunted mansion before the park closed, rode it a second time, then did latern photos by rapunzel’’s bathroom, small world, Peter Pan, Pooh, met Cinderella, 7 dwarves, and got a Mickey bar. I had hoped to ride at seven dwarves twice, but the line was so long I didn’t care to try again. Wait times everywhere were 20 to 30 minutes consistently.

In both cases, it was not clear where to pick up a wristband ( we were in the parks already). At Magic Kingdom, we were actually given inaccurate information that we can pick them up in adventureland at 4 o’clock. We went around 4:20 and no one was there. Stopped by guest services who told us we should be able to pick up our bands at 4 o’clock, and then sent us to the ticket counter in Liberty Square where they were unable to help us.

At both parks we picked up our wristbands inside the park, and in both parks, neither of them gave us any information about the event so we did not know what rides or what other things were open. At Magic Kingdom they told us if we wanted a brochure about the event to know what rides were open we would need to go to the front of the park. I googled and found influencers and TouringPlans, who had previously posted the brochures. Considering how expensive the event was, not knowing what it actually entailed was very annoying. I also probably wouldn’t have bought a very heavy cape for my son in Hollywood Studios that I then had to carry around for multiple hours had I known the stores were going to be open during the event.

I would do Hollywood again for sure. I probably wouldn’t do Magic Kingdom again.

My experience with doing Epcot extra hours was you can maybe get two possibly three rides in a two hour block because of the size of the park. I don’t know that I would do Epcot after hours.


I failed to take many pictures at night but here is fantasyland 1 hour into the event.


Great intel. Thanks! Any theories as to why the longer waits at MK? Was it simply a matter of randomly larger crowds in MK that night or something else?

I would think the Epcot strategy would entail repeat/multiple rides in a row on the same attraction to get our bang for our buck. And maybe Rat being over there by itself gets left out - or added at beginning or end.

My wild guess is that they are selling more tickets because the park is bigger. We did MK after HS and so everything had a wait which was a huge bummer after such short waits the night before.

Maybe also technical issues? On 7 Dwarves - the line moved very slowly and a lot of people got out of it. Our line to meet Cinderella didn’t move at all for a long while and three groups of people who were in line in front of us ended up leaving. We had gone to Cinderella because it was a 10 minute wait and we waited at least 20.

I didn’t mention this earlier but at Hollywood they also had the green army men out and about as well as Chewie and Rey, which added to the atmosphere. The overall vibe at Hollywood it made it really feel like it was party. There was very little atmosphere in Magic Kingdom.


My friend who went with me, said we should go back for Epcot after hours, but only do Guardians of the Galaxy :rofl:


Do the tickets go on sale at 60 days, roughly?


Event tickets for EPCOT, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Hollywood Studios can be purchased by all guests starting March 3, 2023, with prices ranging from $75 to $149 (plus tax). Guests of select Walt Disney World Resort hotels can begin purchasing Disney After Hours tickets for EPCOT and Typhoon Lagoon as early as February 28. The advance-purchase window is available to guests at Disney Resort hotels and Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotels, as well as Shades of Green at Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney Vacation Club members and Walt Disney World Annual Passholders can also purchase specially priced tickets for select dates.

For a full list of events, dates and times, and to purchase tickets, visit Entertainment, available attractions and experiences are subject to change. Be sure to keep your eye on the Disney Parks Blog for updates and information about the return of more exciting Disney After Hours events!


Great to know–thanks for the info!

Sorry, that wasn’t the most helpful reply, I was rushing to the front door!

It’s like the Halloween and Christmas parties. Tickets for each park open up on one date for resort guests and then a little later for everyone else.

resort guests - Feb 28th
general - March 3rd

Typhoon Lagoon
resort guests - Feb 28th
general - March 3rd

tickets are on sale NOW for events up until April 19th
tickets for May & June go on sale March 3rd

Not sure if there’s early booking for resort guests for DHS events

tickets are on sale NOW

Hope that helps a little more.


It actually was helpful–I bookmarked it. I appreciate the longer explanation though!!

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My experience in 2020 right before the great shutdown, was that it was less of a “party” and more of a semi-private park experience. I agree that it didn’t have a lot of atmosphere, but it was fun to basically have the run of the park.

I rode space mountain about 6 times in a row and I think it actually fixed my back.


That’s the first time I’ve heard that! :rofl: