Never YET found an open ADR through TP

I’ve tried the TP ADR finder numerous times. I get text alerts, but have never yet actually seen that time open when I log in. Usually within 1 minute. Anyone actually have luck with it?

Over on chat there are several successes reported every day!

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Yes. But … when I did it was always when I got up in the morning, around 7am GMT, so around 2am EST! Probably helped a bit :joy:

Also that link only works once. If you get a text/email then log into MDE and check the dining page. It may still be there. Never just rely on the link.

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Yes, sometimes it takes multiple alerts but I have always ended up with what I wanted:

I started planing our trip about 80 days out and basically none of the reservations we wanted were available. I found the TP reservation finder and have since been able to secure reservations for 6 at popular places like Be Our Guest and O’Hana.

Stay persistent!

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Same timeframe, always get right on it. Just never seems to be there when I get into MDE. Oh well.

Yes, I had to change my May Be Our Guest reservation 4 times because of changes to the plan and additions to the party. I used the reservation finder for the original reservation and all the changes.

Interestingly enough, I’ve had much better luck getting and re-getting a Be Our Guest reservation than I have getting a Sci-Fi Drive in Diner reservation. That seems strange to me.

I love it!! I have been able to snag some great ADRs with it. Now I often am too late with some alerts but I just re-start the search and it seems that another one pops up eventually.

Sci Fi is the only ADR that I have been unable to get the res finder! Last trip, we changed plans maybe 100-90 days out and I never even got a notification from the res finder. I’ve gotten BOG (B, L, and D), CG (two different dates and multiple times on two trips during fireworks), CRT, CM, and LC but never Sci Fi. Odd!

I’ve had lots of luck with it. Never have not gotten what I needed. Sometimes it took a few tries, but in the end it has always worked for me!

Keep trying!

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I also suggest to keep trying. I’ve had to sleep with my phone on LOUD when I was looking for a hard to get ADR.

How far out is your trip? I also check on my own at 60 days, 45 days, 30 days, 5 days and everyday leading up to the day you want. I also check randomly when the mood strikes me.

Last I heard was that these reservations were being manually searched by a live person. So the more the merrier.

Yes but within one minute is not fast enough. You literally need to be clicking on it within a couple seconds of it coming in in my experience.

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I’m planning a trip in July and we’re hoping for 6 at BoG. :crossed_fingers:

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I got a Yak and Yeti reservation recently using it. I guess I got lucky, because a few minutes passed between when I got the email and when I booked.

Yes for my last trip the reservation finder got me Ohana and Be our guest for my family of 6. If you have a large group you may have to break it up to smaller groups (like 4 and 2) but then they will seat you together if you ask ahead of time.

Almost always works for us. However if its a high demand ADR remember that idk 500 others are getting the same text / email you are and only 1 reservation is up. A few times for BOG we got skunked and I mean I got an alert while I was holding the phone. I have a few searches going right now for our May trip. Good luck.


Yes, I have had a lot of success with it. I have been able to get BOG, O’hana, Akerus

I have had success with it at CRT. However, I learned the hard way that I Had to reactivate the search once it was marked as “found” even though I missed it.

Yes! I picked up a near-perfect Ohana reservation (8:45 PM on our last day) for our recent trip. Picked up a few other options with my more open criteria before I got the one I kept, too.

I only tried it for the first time this trip. I was looking for a BOG ADR. The first alert I got, I was in a movie theater, so no luck getting on. The second one, I got while at home and logged in without 2 minutes and snagged. I also used it to find an earlier time for a Sanaa reservations and that worked too.

Of course, now I read the posted changes to BOG dinner and I am now planning to drop that one.