Never used a TP

Hey you guys! I have never used a touring plan because I feel like my 5 year old will not be able to stay on task and will “squirrel” off to something else if we walk by. What kind of experience do you guys have using TPs with young children? Thanks!

I use TPs but not slavishly. I put in breaks every 2 or 3 attractions of maybe 30 minutes or so, to allow for time to “smell the roses” etc. I use the TPs more as a guide as to what I can reasonably expect to do in a certain timeframe.

Not because I have small kids, just because I do not want to rush around all day from one ride to the next, missing all the theming and details of the parks.

So I might have:

Break (30 minutes - wishing well, Cindy’s fountain)
PP (uses FP)
Little Mermaid
Break (45 minutes) - explore NFL, see Gaston
Speedway (uses FP)
Buzz (uses FP)
Break (45 minutes - Terrace) etc.

Over Christmas and New Year, with insane crowds, this gave us a good idea of how long that would take. Meaning we were pleasantly surprised how much we actually did. We never looked at the plan in the parks either. But it helped so much with the planning of what we were going to do which days.


I used TPs for all 4 parks when my son was 4 and it was a huge help. I used the ‘‘very relaxed’’ and ‘‘minimize walking’’ options and they were fine. We were able to do pretty much everything that was on the plans.


Do you use a kleenex then?



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Fam & I had a plan during littles’ 1st trip. 4 and 2 yrs old. We explained to them (esp the 4yr old) that if he saw a ride he want to go on, no problem. We have the “magic” pass for later that day or we’ll fit it in that night for him. They’re both fine with that system. Kind of the norm for them at parks now.

This will be our 3rd trip to disney with the grands. Cousins & their parents joining us this time, so we’ll be discussing our system with all of us night b4 1st park.

Our 1st (latish) day and night at disney is to kick back, and talk about stuff over a pizza. Works well for us!

I used to use the standardized TP b4 new fpps came along. That trip w new fpps was 1st with the grands, so I switched to the PTP, can’t imagine touring disney w/o it.

The hours we save in lines with the TP are gold, Jerry, gold haha!