Never done Mickey's Not-So-Scary... is it worth it?

Hey everyone. I’m new to the forum, and appreciate in advance any advice you can give.

Taking our first trip with our kids… 6 and 4 yrs old (and twin 1yr olds - pray for us :smile: )

I’ve never done the Halloween Party before, and am curious about it:
What is included in the price?
Is it worth it?
Will my kids enjoy?

Thanks so much

Hey there! My family is heading to the party for the first time on 10/13, so I don’t have first-hand experience to share. BUT, both this party and the Christmas party get a lot of love around here! :jack_o_lantern: We planned our trip around attending, and we have sons who are 6 and 4.

Notably, my boys (especially the littler one) do not like fireworks, so HalloWishes will not be a hit with them (but Grandma has already agreed to hide out with them in the Dumbo tent, so DH and I can see it - thanks, Grandma!!!). My boys do, however, like candy, costumes, parades, and low-wait rides - all of which are fun features of the party. Also, my 6 year old’s school doesn’t do a Halloween celebration, so the party gives him an extra chance to wear his costume.

We plan to lounge by the pool all day and that hit the party with fresh legs. :blush:

We’ve been to multiple Disney Halloween parties at WDW and DL and it is always a big hit with my kids. We started going when they were 3 (son) and 5 (daughter) in 2008 and are going again this October when they will be 10 and 12.

The atmosphere with the costumes and characters and the treat or treating is great for the kids. My advice from experience is to get your attraction rides at Magic Kingdom during the non party time, because my kids never wanted to stop trick or treating to bother with the rides during the party. Also the special Halloween fireworks show is fabulous.

Hands down, the best evening I’ve never spent in the Magic Kingdom. So, so fun. I highly recommend it. I still have the “Boo to You” theme song in my head a year later.

This will be our second MNSSHP and our fifth or sixth party overall. BIG fans, as you can tell. The fireworks and parade are incredible. I like the atmosphere of the Christmas party better but, for sheer entertainment, the Halloween party cant be beat. We do costumes and trick or treat. There will be dance parties with characters in attendance, usually at Cosmic Rays and at the Tomorrowland stage.

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