Never able to stay until closing - advice for Epcot day?

We always set high expectations and plan to do rope-drop to close but this is our 3rd trip to Disney and never have never made it open to close at the parks. Not even at AK or HS days!! Yesterday we missed out on FOP (was planning on jumping in line 30 min before close) but we were just too tired. Sad to say we are healthy adults with 3 tween boys who have lots of energy. HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT?! I slept 12 hours last night!

Tomorrow is our last day and we are planning on rope dropping for TT (only could get a FP for Soaring). Any advice on how to plan our day? We are early risers and I’ve never gotten to see a farewell show. Thinking of coming back to the room mid day before we burn out (we are staying off site) but I worry once we get home we will be too tired/lazy to return then miss out on some things we would have done had we just stayed until 5/6pm. Advice?

Take a break. Here’s my tip for returning in the evening. Take an Uber or Lyft to/from the Boardwalk and walk in through International Gateway, so much more relaxing than coming in through the main entrance and less time consuming. Totally worth the $10-$15 to save being on a bus if you’re having trouble with time.

Maybe leave something in a locker so you HAVE to go back!

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I could be totally wrong, but I don’t think most people go RD to close. I imagine that most people at the fireworks / evening shows either take a midday break or skip RD and get to the parks later in the day.

I think it’s worth a shot to return for a mid day rest and then try for a night show. It’s always nice to end a vacation with something special!

You know your family best, but here are some thoughts. When you get back to your hotel, do low energy activities. With 3 tweens, you may not get an actual nap in, but maybe do something like watch a movie, something where you’re pretty sedentary. It may be tempting to slip in some pool time but for my family that can make us that much more tired. (We still do pool time, we just don’t count on it making us rested!)

Is there something that you guys really want at the park you’d be heading back to? Some treat that is nonessential but motivating? Whether it’s a dole whip, churros, or a special souvenir, maybe wait to get it until you return to the park in the evening.

For the adults, there’s always coffee! Obviously not recommending that for the tweens, though. :wink:

Good luck, and enjoy your last day!

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My thoughts are, be happy with what you get through, It’s your vacation and if relaxing at the resort is what your bodies need it;s okay. Take a morning off and go back to the park after lunch if there is a night show you have to see. Most of us can’t do open to close and those that do may not enjoy the day as much as it might appear.