Network connectivity in the parks

Now that MDE is up and running, how is the wifi in the parks? I'm contemplating bringing an iPad for mde operations and keeping my phone for emails and phone calls (I seem to get a lot of work done while in the little lines I stand in). I know that sprint cell service was not stellar two years ago and my phone will be struggling enough.

I had Sprint. It was horrible in and outside the parks. (I live nearby) When I decided to switch I was giving heavy consideration to Verizon because they were the official network for WDW. I ended up going with ATT because it was a bit cheaper.Not long after WDW announced they were switching to ATT.

The WiFi in the parks seems to be getting better. I bring my tablet to the parks because the antenna is better and a combo of stronger signal and bigger screen makes it easier to change rezzies or read Lines while I'm holed up someplace waiting on the rain to stop.

I usually shut it off and run 4G the whole time. It can be spotty and I tend to be on my phone quite a bit (Lines, IG, MDE). It annoys the poop out of me when my phone is searching for a signal (Verizon). Plus it uses less battery on LTE

Works well in some spots, but not so well in others. There a couple places I've never gotten good cell service (with Verizon), including in some of the rides/queues and parts of Epcot. The wifi has filled in adequately in those situations. While using it all the time, I've found I'll often lose signal while moving (and I tend to be moving a lot in the parks).