Nervous about crowds

So we usually go the last week of Oct, this is our first time going in Nov (12 - 19th), also my first time with Touring Plans. I have to say I’m getting nervous seeing what the predictions were and what the crowds have actually been the past few weeks. I’m just curious why people think it’s suddenly been so busy lately.

It’s either Climate Change or people want to get their last trips in before the apocalyptic Trump-Clinton Presidential Battle of 2016.

We are there from Nov 8-19. I booked in January and my expectations have certainly changed. I think the 16-18 will be decent but that is it. Why has it changed? The economy is decent, Disney uses promotions to get people to go in slower times (parties, free dinning) It has been getting busier for years but the capacity hasn’t changed.

Don’t forget to get nervous about El Nino. Looks like higher than normal rain/storms are expected.

Rope drop is your friend :smile:

It is just going to continue to get busier and busier at all times of the year unless the economy tanks- and even then it won’t be too much slower since Disney does well in economic turndowns. We don’t get too worked up with crowd level predictions, as we just pick one of the parks with one of the lower crowd numbers, do RD- and sail on thru the rest of the day. Crowds don’t matter with RD, since the ‘crowds’ are still sleeping while we are knocking out all of the headliners.