Nemo or Lion King at AK?

Which would you choose if you could only pick one, and why? My searching of past threads seems to show slightly more people prefer Lion King, but not much explanation of why. My DS loves aquatic stuff so leaning towards Nemo.

Lion King. Not even a question. It highlights the actual music from the movie. The choreography is amazing, costuming is on point, and vocals give me goosebumps. I tear up every time. Nemo is just meh. Tries too hard to cram the movie plot into 30 minutes and uses new music not in the movie. It’s a puppet show albeit an impressive one.


Both are fabulous. But we do FOTLK every visit and Nemo some visits. Nemo is a musical which is great. FOTLK has music, dancing, tumbling, fire and knife twirling, stilt walkers, audience participation and interaction. It’s amazing.

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I love them both and do each one at least once per trip. I am more likely to repeat FotLK, though, and made a point of squeezing in one last show on departure day last month. So if I have to chose just one, I would pick Lion King. But really, do try to see both!

THIS. FotLK is a must do every trip, Nemo is “if I have time” - although on a hot day 30 min in a cool dark theater can be nice. Confession: I have never stayed awake through an entire Nemo show. I’ve seen all of it, just never all at one time…


Lion King. Easy call.

I love both, but would be much sadder to miss FotLK than Nemo.

No question, Lion King

I will add another vote for Lion King. I remember Len talking about how it was one of the highest rated attractions for all age groups on the old wdw today podcast.

I’ll be the alternate voice here.

I would choose Nemo over FoTLK, if I were forced to choose.

While I always have a great time at Festival, and I love the varied dancing and acrobatics, Nemo has a special place. Maybe because unlike FoTLK, it has its own music, purpose written for the show, and I’m a musical nut. I can’t get the fix of that music anywhere else. And unlike Festival, I always leave Nemo singing the show’s tunes as I go about the rest of my day.

Cutting the 100 minute movie down to a 40 minute show doesn’t bother me, the way some here seem to be bothered.

Also, Finding Nemo: The Musical is a THEA award winner, in case that makes a difference to you.

I’m in the Nemo > FoTLK camp.


Lion King is a better show in my opinion. Nemo is a great show but not at the level of Lion King

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^^ This

I have never gone to Disney without doing Lion King. Love it. The theatrics are great, it’s entertaining, the music is great, and I don’t think you can get a bad seat. I am not a fan of Nemo. I just found it boring, to the point where I can’t even remember much about it. If I could only choose one, I’d chose Lion King hands down.

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I love finding Nemo & on my trip in Sept I have that planned instead of Lion King, however if I was going with my bf or his DDs - I would do Lion King.
As many people have said is is more interactive and has more ‘wow’ factor.
I am very ‘artsy’ so the Nemo show appeals to me more.

Now that I’ve seen both, one on each trip, I really don’t have a need to see either again, at least not for quite some time. Both are good. I would say I liked Nemo a little more. But then I like Finding Nemo better than the Lion King and I enjoy musicals. I would say that it would depend on what kind of show you are looking for. FOTLK has some circus aspects, along with some great singers singing the music from the movie. A few of the characters are also in it and it is a bit interactive. The Nemo show is more like a musical, and to me, a little more calming. It also has some fantastic puppetry.

We had never been to either and chose Nemo last August. It was really great. My kids, 6 and 4, and husband loved it. My family was more familiar with Nemo, that’s why we picked it. When we go back this August we will do Lion King instead.

FOTLK is a must do every trip. I put my 16 yo DS in charge of fast passes but he knows, one of them must be FOTLK. I am not ashamed to admit that I cry every time I see that show! Love it! Nemo, in my opinion is simply ok, and a decent way to get out of the heat/rain but I wouldn’t go out of my way to do it.

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We all love FOTLK. The performers are amazing. I enjoy the audience participation, especially when the kids parade around.

Nemo is also great. I am impressed with how they do the puppetry. That ice-cold AC feels great on a hot day.

If I had to choose, it would be FOTLK. It’s a more fun, upbeat, energetic show.

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Are you sure? Maybe it was broken the time we went but I clearly remember there being no AC. I kept using my cooling towel.

It has been freezing in there every time we’ve been.

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