Nemo at Epcot, Order of Events

Hi all!

I am finalizing my TP’s before my FPP day on Friday!! For our Epcot day, what should the order be for the Nemo and Friends, Turtle Talk, and Main Tanks? Right now the TP is recommending FPP for 2 out of 3, and I want to make sure I have the order correct. PS…kids are 2 and 6 :smiley:


If memory serves, I think I favour Nemo and Friends, then Crush, then Main Tanks last.

Has the added benefit, and this happened to me last year, that if you have to call an audible (bk you’re running out of time), the tanks is the one you’d probably want to sacrifice. Easier to jettison if it’s last.

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Definitely do the ride first as a way to enter the pavilion. The other two kind of depend on timing and how much time you want to spend looking at the other exhibits. If it’s just “oh look, there are fish”, you might be able to do it waiting for the next TT show to start. It’s all pretty fluid (no pun intended) once you get off the ride. I have a background in marine biology, so I can spend an hour in the Seas; others I’m sure blow through it pretty quickly heading for the next “ride”…


With little kids, don’t forget to leave some time for the play area. There’s a giant shark that they can climb behind and you get to take a picture of them in the shark’s mouth (if all the other mom’s let your kid have a turn). It’s right by the gift shop and exit, so you can’t miss it. Also, your kids will see it and just when you thought you were leaving, you’re spending another few minutes there, so I thought I’d mention it.


Ride. Talk, Look. Get your little ones on the carpet right at the front of the talk if you can and tell the six year old to get his flipper up as fast as they can. Crush nearly always asks the first flipper up to ask their question.

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Ride Nemo into The Seas, then hang at the tanks waiting for Turtle Talk. Unless crowds very high, you don’t need to use a FPP for Turtle Talk, FPP just lets you into the big pre show “holding area” earlier, but no reserved seating or anything. The shows run every ?20 min or so, so your wait depends much more on when you arrive relative to next showtime.
Epcot Character Spot, Spaceship Earth, rarely Figment, are good uses of FPP for Epcot with younger kids. Also, you may be able to get a 4th FPP for LWTL, depending on crowds.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I book my Fast Passes tonight for Epcot! Right now my TP has no suggestions, but I think I am going to do Test Track, Nemo Ride, and character spot.

I’ve found that even though short lines are predicted for Figment, the lines are longer. Last year a 10 minute prediction was actually a 35 min wait. This year, I had FPP for it and walked in… right by the line that again was predicted to be 10 min wait, but was as long (or longer) than last year.

We pretty much just walked on to Nemo. Just my experience.

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Thanks for the tip.Figment is a big time childhood memory for my husband!

That’s interesting… so you’re saying, between Figment and Nemo, if a TP is predicting about 10 minutes for both we should opt with using the FP+ on Figment?

I’ve always walked on Nemo - almost a shame as it’s a cool queue that you just walk through. Not sure if at real busy times it ever fills, but I’ve never seen it. I’d FP Figment over Nemo if you’re definitely doing both. Even if the lines are equal, the Nemo queue is cooler so spending time there waiting wouldn’t be as bad. Figment doesn’t load as efficiently either if memory serves…

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What about between Nemo and Spaceship Earth, around 9:45 am if both lines are equal?

I can’t imagine Nemo having a line at 9:45 - I’d FP Spaceship Earth over Nemo every time. Spaceship Earth lines have gotten relatively long thanks to FP+ IMO - it used to be a walk on most times prior & on our last visit, you really wanted FP for it. I think it’s location as you have to walk by it when you enter the park plus being part of the signature icon of the park, everyone does it. Line wise though, if same wait, the Nemo queue is inside w/AC & interesting, Spaceship Earth is outside with nothing to see beyond people watching.

I couldn’t remember if with Soarin’ closed Spaceship Earth changed tiers or not though and is FP Tier 1. If Tier 2 still, definitely get it along with Test Track IMO.

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So my plan for fast passes is…

Test Track 1pm
Figment 9 am
Nemo 10 am

Spaceship Earth is showing a 7 minute wait at 1:30…

Nemo was 25 mins at 10 crowd this week

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Change Figment there will be no wait at that time. IMHO
Living with the Land has been getting crowded as people turn up to Soaring a realised its closed and then to LwtL instead.

So I ended up with Nemo at 9, turtle talk at 10, test track at 1.