Needing extra eyes on a one-day MK plan

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I am new to Touring Plans. I will be arriving in Disney World on the evening of March 9th for my daughter’s wedding on March 11th. I will be traveling with my boyfriend (50yo), who has only once been to Magic Kingdom back when he was about 5 years old (circa 1973). I have been to Disney about 6 times, but have not been since 2009. Our plans changed from a 4 day hopper to a one day/single park trip, of which I had all the coveted fast passes. Being that we are restricted now to a limited time, I decided to do Magic Kingdom for this trip. Unfortunately, my boyfriend is not a fan of theme parks, more so the lines involved with the theme parks. He is ADHD, and even with medication it is difficult for him to stand still in long lines. I previously had a different park booked for our 4 day plan on the actual day that we will be attending now. I released those fast passes so that I could obtain MK fast passes, of course since it is after the 60 day window there were no SDMT fast passes left. In addition to being restricted to one park, I also have to factor in a 2 hour break for my daughter’s wedding rehearsal. Unfortunately, we are unable to get the rehearsal time until 30 days before the wedding, which will be February 9th although we believe it will be scheduled in the afternoon. These are my plans based upon discussions with my boyfriend about which rides he would be interested in doing. I have not added meals to this yet, as I figured we may grab a quick bite to eat after the rehearsal before returning to MK. I also figured we might be able to score a couple more fast passes for the afternoon/evening, fingers crossed. I would really appreciate any suggestions and recommendations for our plan. Also, if anyone can make suggestions on the best way (or fastest way) to get from MK to Disney Boardwalk Resorts. We are staying on property and will have access to Disney transportation as well as having a vehicle there too.

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Hello Judy, Your link doesn’t go anywhere. Happy to help you, but not sure what you’ve got planned. Do you have a plan, or are you looking for one from scratch?

I apologize, it is my first time posting, and obviously I have not figured out how to copy my plans into the thread properly. I copied and pasted from the print screen of my plans, could you share the way to accomplish this?

In your plan click “edit” and in that screen there’s a box to click to publish your plan. Save that and it will give you a link to share.

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Thank you so much kkinnell for that information.

Here is the link (hopefully)

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You can look into the DAS (Disability Access Services) pass to help your BF out since he has difficulty waiting in lines. We got one when we visited (my Brother in-law has autism and also has trouble in lines), and while we didn’t need it too often, it helped for the couple of times we used it.

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That all looks good to me, but I’m certainly not the most experienced here. A couple of things:

I don’t know if you mind, but you are crisscrossing the park a lot. You can make a copy of your plan, change the order and evaluate it to see if you can minimize that a little. For example, the Laugh Floor is never much of a wait and could go anywhere if that helps out.

After you tap in for Space Mountain, you can make a other Fast pass selections. If you search the forum there are some good ideas about how to maximize your fast passes.

This plan looks good.

However, I would suggest some things:

If you arrive early at the park (let say 40 mins before opening) and you position yourself in the hub in direction for 7DMT, you should be in the first to ride it. If all goes well, you could be out of the ride at 9:15.
If you do, I would immediatly go to Peter Pan’s Flight, as it may be your only chance to wait less than 30 mins for it.

As soon as you use your Space Mtn FP+, check for additional FP+.
You should be able to grab a PotC or JC FP+ for mid-afternoon, saving you a lot of time on one or the other.

Enjoy your trip !

I see you have 2 hours for rehearsal, does that include travel time to rehearsal and back to MK? if you are relying on Disney transportation and the actual rehearsal is an hour or more, I would alot more time for traveling. either that or take uber/lyft to and fro. oh NVM, I see you will have a vehicle which may be your best option

I was wondering this same thing. I also know from first hand experience that wedding rehearsals often run longer than planned.

Assuming that it is okay, however, here are my thoughts.

  1. I’d drop Peter Pan’s Flight. Not only is that the longest wait of the day, the ride is short and, frankly, probably not worth it considering your time constraints. Furthermore, the queue itself is rather claustrophobic with little to see/do, which might pose problems for your boyfriend.
  2. Jungle Cruise and Pirates are okay, and longer rides. Waits are a bit longer and more interesting, though, so perhaps okay. I’m wondering if it might be better to move them later (is there a reason you are finishing up the day quite early?) where you MIGHT experience shorter wait times.
  3. Mad Tea Party. Okay. I mean, fine. But once I hit about 30 years old, that ride just makes me sick. I can watch my kids ride it, but I can’t. Are you sure you want to risk it JUST BEFORE Space Mountain?
  4. I’d consider adding a few other things in place of Peter Pan, etc. Like the Tomorrowland People Mover, and Winnie the Pooh. (Winnie the Pooh is arguably on par or better than PPF, but usually has a shorter wait.)

I agree with @ryan1: Peter Pan’s Flight may not worth the time invested. Apart from the nostalgia thing (being an original ride of the Park), it is not outstanding compared to the stand-by wait time of that ride. For me, I’ll do it first thing at RD or with a FP+, because I don’t want to wait 30mins+ for it. In fact, I do prefer it’s a small world than Peter Pan’s Flight.

If you do drop Peter Pan’s Flight, you could rearrange your ride order, and squueze PotC right after 7DMT. With a 4th FP+ for Jungle Cuise in mid-late afternoon, you should not see any major wait during your day (assuming you arrive early for 7DMT).

Thank you for that information. I passed it along to my boyfriend and he said that he would wait and see how he handles the crowds and lines, but he would prefer not to utilize it at this time. However, it is good to know that Disney offers this access to their guests.

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Thank you for that insight. I noticed the criss-crossing too, but due to the fast passes (which are my boyfriend’s must do rides) I tried to work around them. We wanted to get the must do’s done in the morning that way if there were any time issues after the rehearsal we had the option to play things by ear with additional fast passes. By the way, I did see the threads on maximizing the fast passes and plan to attempt that as well.

Thank you for that suggestion, I will try to work that into my plan and see how it pans out (no pun intended) lol. We definitely plan on being there for rope drop, as that will probably be the only way for us to do 7DMT, as all the fast passes are already gone. I keep checking on fast pass availability with no luck. However, late last night I noticed they had a 9:05pm one available, but I was not willing to do that because of screwing up my chances for a 4th fast pass during the day. I am hoping to get a 4th past pass that for either PotC or PPF, or maybe even Splash.

Yes, I am concerned about the rehearsal time. They have not given us a start time or a length of time. However, my daughter thought she remembered them mentioning about 30-60 minutes. I tried to incorporate travel time, but I am not confident in that estimate, which is why I have so much extra time in the evening. I figured that between any delays, longer line rides, and options for a 4th fast pass, that we could play the afternoon portion by ear. We made sure to include the must do’s early in the day, which is resulting in the criss-crossing of the park. Thank you about the car recommendation, I wasn’t sure if that would be the fastest option. Do you happen to know if there are parking fees for each time we return to the park?

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Thank you for that information. Rehearsal times are a concern, which is why our evening schedule is very open. We are planning on staying the entire evening. Plus we figured that we could play that by ear based upon a 4th fast pass option. PPF is a ride that we have considered expendable based on the wait times, but listed it in case the times were not bad. The MTP is actually my thing, I like spinny rides, lol. But you have a great point, my boyfriend may not do so well on a spinny ride before SM. With the possible extra time in the evening based and any 4th fast pass options, we may be able to incorporate TPM or WtP.

If you’re looking for the absolute fastest way from MK to Boardwalk, I’d say take a Minnie Van. They’re more expensive than an Uber/Lyft, but they pick up/drop off at the same area as the busses (although it’s probably $30-40 per way). If you want to use this option, you need the Lyft app on your phone, and at least when I was there last April, you needed to get the front desk at your hotel to activate it before using it.

If that’s not a good option for you, it’s probably a tossup to get an Uber/Lyft or take the Disney bus.

Uber/Lyft is a decent amount cheaper than a Minnie Van, but you have to take the Monorail/Ferry to the TTC, then walk to the Uber/Lyft area. Although there is always the option of walking to the Contemporary and ordering an Uber/Lyft from there.

Disney busses are right outside of MK, but you may have to wait 15-20 min. Or it could come right away.

I wouldn’t drive to MK. It’s the only park IMO where driving isn’t really a time saver, and that’s because you have to park, take a tram to the TTC, take the Monorail or ferry to get to MK. That adds a lot of time. You could pay for premium parking, but that’s more expensive than a Minnie Van.

Hope that helps!

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You shouldn’t have to pay the parking fees twice. But if rehearsal is only 30 to 60 minutes, then you may not need your car and can just take bus to boardwalk

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Parking is paid once per day. Leave your receipt in the car and show it to the booth the next time you enter a parking lot (for any of the 4 parks) that day.

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