Need your best advice for Christmas week please!

Successfully used touring plans in 2017 & 2019 during peak weeks, now planning a trip for this Christmas and feel completely LOST this time around.

Some info: group of 11 including 5 tweens who love thrill rides. Staying onsite, planning to RD (early hours) & willing to purchase G+ and ILLs if needed. Planning 1 full day at each MK (CLL 7), EPCOT (CLL 9 - IG entrance) & HS (CLL 9) .

  1. What’s your best piece of advice for planning for us?

  2. In what order would you book G+ for each of the 3 parks?

  3. What are the precise “drop times” for G+ I’m seeing mentioned?

  4. Tips for navigating G+ reservations for a large group of 11 (2 grandparents may skip some rides but not all)?

  5. Can you do rider swap with G+ reservations?

Thanks in advance!

  1. I’d buy G+ and ILL with those crowd levels if it’s in the budget and get BG1 (do a search here on the forum or I’ll come back and link it). You can no longer use it to book your LLs but it does tell when the next predicted drop is (and that’s how I got Frozen Ever After once when it was gone very early in the day).
  2. HS, MK, EPC
  3. See BG1. Basically, Disney holds back some LL spots in case the ride breaks down. If it doesn’t break down they release them at these weird times like 12:47pm. They are usually gone within minutes when that happens so set a timer on your phone based on the prediction in BG1. They are also usually available to be used in the very short future. So when I got that Frozen Ever After it was good about 30 minutes from when I secured it.
  4. Have everyone in one person’s app and have one person be responsible for booking LL. You have two options with Grandparents when they don’t want to ride. Either go ahead and book everyone and someone else can go twice wearing grandparent’s magicband or KTTW. Or don’t book everyone (uncheck their names when you book) because it might mess with your ability to get the next attraction for them if they haven’t checked in.
  5. Yes, I have done this with my nephew in the past when he was 2. Just tell the greeter at the line entrance. Basically both sets of you will go up the LL entrance but it’s still a good idea because some people will get to go twice and if your pass expires in the interim.

For #2 & #3 (G+ Priority, Drop Times, & other tips) go to the La Cava Del Chat category of the forum and see the original post of the G+ Advanced Strategy thread.

Good luck! I have zero advice to give, but we’re planning a Christmas week trip for 2024 (Dec 21-28) and I’m petrified of what that’s going to be like. Post-2020 info on that week is pretty light- I would love to hear how your trip goes and any advice you have after this trip.