Need Touring Plan Advice: Hollywood Studios

I’m creating a touring plan for my client/best friend who is going in less than two weeks. I’m planning a shortened day for them because they have an early flight the next day.

I have two plans, one without their fastpasses and one with the fastpasses.

The one WITHOUT fastpasses has a lot less backtracking, which is important because one family member will be using a scooter.

Curiously, neither puts Slinky Dog first. Other liners explained that could be because it makes the lines at rides like Rockin Roller Coaster and ToT get much longer, yet we always recommend it first at rope drop.

Please give me your advice,

  1. Should I move Slinky Dog to first?
  2. Go with the fastpassless plan with less backtracking?
    Any other advice?

ETA: I’ve reEvaluated both plans since I first posted, and found wait times increased to more realistic times. Still trying to see which is best, but plans have been affected since I first posted. FYI

I, quickly, slapped together your plans just to see if there was any way to optimize it. You’ve done a great job! The non-FPP day it seems like it would work better, but there are some minor issues. If anything has a longer queue than predicted, especially SDD, your end of the day shows will get missed. Also, will they be willing to wait until almost 2pm for lunch?

The only real “issue” with the FPP included day is ASS. At almost an hour – maybe skip it?? This will put them back on track to make the RnR FPP on time. (Currently, they arrive past their scheduled time)

Thank you! This is great feedback.

I like the non-FPP day much better. Backtracking is so hard with a scooter or stroller or anything like that. Is it possible to modify those FPs at all to better match the non-FPP plan? Star Tours should be easy to change and maybe ASS would have one available around noon.
I would put Tower of Tower first, before RnR–with the renovation, the lines are building really quickly. I don’t think the TP software has incorporated that change yet.
If you do the plan w/ FPs as you have it laid out, I agree about skipping ASS–I haven’t ridden it, but from what I’ve heard it is definitely not worth almost an hour’s wait.
Nice work.


Oh my goodness.

I just swapped RnRC & ToT and hit Evaluate and my wait times all went up. Swapped them back, Evaluate again, and the wait times remain high.

RnR went from 9 to 21 mins.
Slinky Dog went from 75 to 118 minutes

The plan does NOT finish by 5pm anymore.

I guess it’s true that the system re-evaluates wait times as you get closer? I need to reEvaluate all my other plans. I bet those suspiciously low wait times I reported seeing earlier will all get a whole lot more realistic.

Good thing I already identified things that are must-dos and things she can skip to save time.

I took your good advice about looking to switch the FPPs, and at first none of the Star Tours times were going to work because they were all 4:20pm and later. But then when I reEvaluated and the wait times went up, Star Tours ended up in the 4:20pm zone, so I modified to that one.

I was also able to work their 2pm Midway Mania FPP into the TP. So it’s getting a lot better.

I will advise them on possibly skipping ASS (or even Slinky Dog if the wait is really that long in the June sun).

If you click the first link again you can see where things are at.

Thanks so much for all the brainstorming!

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I think this is a good plan! I would try to add in a little time or just a note just to wander around TSL even if they don’t ride ASS or SDD. Maybe a snack at woody’s lunchbox? Also, The bathrooms there are very cool so I am planning a bathroom break in TSL, though tbh my toddler pees every hour so we’ll be seeing ALL the bathrooms…


This may have an obvious answer that I don’t see, but from the information we’re given I wonder why there is a concern about backtracking if the person with mobility issues has a scooter? I’d only worry about back-tracking if they didn’t have one, and needed it.

I just got back from a trip where I used an ECV one day, at AK. Park ECVs are slow, but not really any slower than most people walk when it’s crowded. It’s the only day we actually did any backtracking, and we did it because I had one. Just have some people in the party walk in front of the scooter. If one has a non-park ECV, it’s easier because they’re faster and sometimes smaller and more maneuverable. Getting on/off rides, of course, is a different matter but that is not the topic at hand.

Again, the OP probably knows all about the person with the ECV and their capabilities, but I am just pointing out that the mere presence of an ECV is not, per se, a limiting factor when it comes to getting around the park. It can be an asset.

I had the same thought, but figured they had their reasons.

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They probably do, but the reason given was the scooter.

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I don’t have personal experience using a scooter so I thought it could be tougher to get through crowds than being able to weave on foot. Thanks for the info!

Ahh…that wonderful stage where your kids have to pee all the time…then you get older and you’re still visiting all the bathrooms because you have to pee all the time :joy:

Thanks for the tip on the TSL bathrooms, I’m sure I’ll need to check them out!