Need to know if i need to upgrade to request this WL room

Calling all Wilderness Lodge experts…

I paid for a 2 queen standard room at Wilderness Lodge and am thinking of requesting the following:

Bldg Main Building,Flr 6,NW-facing room.Exmple:6026,6024,6028,6022,6030,6020

From the pics it looks like I can see the castle and woods and it seems like a nice pick!✓&hotel=6&building=40&filters[rate_date]=02%2F01%2F2018&filters[view]=136&filters[lobby_distance]=any&filters[transportation_distance]=any&filters[accessibility]=any&filters[floors]=upper&filters[rack_rate]=any&filters[ug]=yes&filters[sound]=any&filters[balcony]=&no_draw=false&rooms=true&floor=6

So with what I have, can I request that or do I need to pay for a woods view upgrade?

Thanks SO much in advance!!!

You can request it via fax or Disney Travel Agency. You can even call the resort itself and tell them what you would like. Even if you try to upgrade you still may not get the room you want. Disney classifies room views as say a lake view even if you can barely see the lake. Therefore there is no guarantee you will get the room you want even with a upgrade. Ask nicely and you may get what you want. If you are assigned a room when you get there that you really don’t like, talk to CS at the desk and they may be able to get you a room more to your liking.

My initial inclination was to say you need to book a “Woods view” as DIS will not give you a free upgrade. But when I went to the DIS online booking to make sure, I only see “Courtyard view” and “Standard view” listed - that matches my memory of our options when we booked at WL in 2015, although we didn’t end up staying there in the end.

Given that, I think “Woods view” is just a subset of “Standard view” which you booked so you should be all set. Good luck and have fun - those look like great room options for the lower cost “Standard View” option…

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You should be good to go. That’s the corridor I was on, and I had a standard room. They switched up the room classifications due to construction, and as far as I know, they haven’t changed them again even though it appeared that the construction was pretty much done. I believe that whole section is standard. On my request I also added that I was hoping for a view of the fireworks, that I was there to celebrate my birthday, and that it was my first visit to Wilderness Lodge (all true). I don’t know if that helped, but I got what I asked for, and the front desk was very sweet about it.