Need tips to find running partner on race morning

Hiya, boys and girls! The big W & D weekend is nearly upon us. My friend that I’m running with is staying at FtW, I’m at POP. Trying to figure out how we will find each other on the morning of the race at WWoS. Help!!

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Are you in the same corral?

@Armadillo_Alert, she is two corrals behind me.

I would just agree to meet at the bus drop off point. Who ever gets there first, when you get off of your bus, walk towards the pre-race area with everyone else but stop at the end of where the busses are dropping off. That way the second person has to walk past you to get to the pre-race area. Just stand off to the side. Or you can play a loud game of Marco Polo in the pre-race area but I would agree on a different call and response other than Marco/Polo as too many people will answer Polo to whoever calls Marco. Make it something that’s an unusual combination Spaghetti & Tofu or something.