Need Tickets longer than 14 days

Hi everyone :wave:t2:
Highly likely and very excited to possibly be returning in Jan/Feb 2020. That is 16 months, 20 days, 4 hours, 33 mins and 4 seconds away. :raised_hands:

We are arriving from Australia :australia:
Last time was in 2016. We did split stay between Disney & Universal. Had an amazing time. 9 days in the World, and 9 days to enjoys Universal and other Florida fun.

I want to slow down this time, not rush so much…and this has me wondering about which ticket to get. I would like one that lasts 21 days… but from what I see, I can only get a 14 day pass, which I cannot add further days to.
Do I have to buy 2 ten day passes?
It is rather confusing :blush:

Won’t be revisiting Universal, and there is more than enough Disney to enjoy, so it will be a complete WDW trip, plus a few side trips - airboat, outlets, Manatee tour.

I really enjoy this forum, and got some great advice previously. Thank you :bouquet:

I don’t know about Australia but here in the U.K. we can buy a 21 day ticket. You might want to look at annual passes.


Not sure who it was, but someone bought the “UK” tickets from Australia for a trip a while back. Maybe last year … ?

So definitely look into that. Also check the timing, because for around 9 months of the year, you can get the 21 day tickets for the price of 14 days.

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