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I’m doing another Daddy/Daughter weekend trip at the end of August before my DD17 returns to school. Yes, I’m a hypocrite!! I vowed not to return until they bring back Fantasmic but a certain “enabler” (@JJT) had to post about the great Hotwire deals @ Yacht club and since I had expiring credits on SW that needed to be used, I said WTH!!! Plus I get to cross YC off the bucket list (that just leaves POR/FQ, CR, WL, ASMu, and CBR left to stay at)

Not planning any parks but one never knows. (Maybe an after 5 convention ticket or two since we’ll be so close to EP & it’s open til 10pm). DD is mostly looking forward to pool time, eating at different places, and some shopping time at DS. I’m most excited about SAB (since it was too cold to utilize it on my stay at BC), seeing fireworks again (possibly from my water view balcony @ YC), a skyliner ride, a nice boat ride, a sunrise/sunset relaxing stroll around the BW and possibly finding a few new places to dine.

When it comes to food I have my favorites and I tend to stick to them ( I’ve eaten at EoS, Y&Y, GG, and Ohana more than I care to count) Not that they’ve ever disappointed me (because they haven’t) but I’m looking to add a few more to that favorite list. Mostly in resorts, DS, or possibly EP, no other parks for us that weekend. Any suggestions??

Also, never did mini golf before but I understand it’s walkable from YC? Do I need reservations? Best time to show up? Best course to play?

What about YC? We got a water view room which states “2 queen beds” Online check-in only offers ground floor as an option. I was hoping for a higher floor to see EP fireworks if we don’t end up going there. Any room suggestions??

Lastly, any other fun activities outside the parks anyone can suggest? I don’t want to jam pack the 3 day weekend trip but I’m open to a few ideas of maybe some different things to do. Thanks for any suggestions.


Will you have a car (or willing to Uber/Lyft)? If so, a trip to CSR to eat at Three Bridges would be awesome!

Or at Disney Springs, BOATHOUSE or Jaleo are fab!


Since you mentioned DD wanted to do some shopping what about checking out the Disney Store outlet. There are some Amazing deals there. My DD got a LoungeFly backpack for under $20.


No car but willing to ride share, rickshaw, skateboard, whatever it takes. 3 bridges is an excellent idea. I’ve been there with DW and other DD31 but not with DD17.


Interesting suggestion. I bought her the tikiroom loungefly on my last trip and she uses it everyday. I’ve seen the posts but never paid attention. There’s 2 outlets right? Suggestion for best one and best times to go? I hear they can get pretty busy. Best to ride share from DS?

Center Map For Orlando International Premium Outlets® - A Shopping Center In Orlando, FL - A Simon Property

Disney’s Character Warehouse at Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets® - A Shopping Center in Orlando, FL - A Simon Property

This is the one we went to. You need to be there when they open for the que. They do a virtual que and you need to be signed in. I made the mistake of arriving a little late one day and it was a 3 hour wait; nope…


Oh fun! I love YC. It’s my favorite resort room I’ve ever stayed in. I don’t know much about mini golf, but I do know you can walk to the Fantasia course from the Swan.
For dining you also have easy access to SL resorts like Topolino’s at RR or Sebastians at CBR.


Not sure about getting an ADR for Topolinos but a SL ride and Sebastian’s sounds intriguing. Thanks!!


I love the Boathouse at Disney Springs. Really good food and I had an easy time getting a reservation. I forget who posted this but someone recently had a trip report where they ate at Boathouse and then did the Amphicar. Looks so cool! Not sure what it costs but looks like a fun activity.


Some faves of mine that I don’t see on your list:
Cali Grill
Flying Fish
Topolino (I’ve only done breakfast but am jonesin for dinner)
Three Bridges


Oh yes and Boathouse was new to me on this last trip and was everything I had wanted it to be


Funny thing about Boathouse. I’ve had reservations to eat there on 2 seperate trips but ended up cancelling both times. Once with DW we had a later ADR and ended up too hungry to wait so we got EoS instead and once w/ DD31 who didn’t care for the menu and we ended up with pizza and burgers from Blaze and Dlux Burger. Maybe DD17 is 3rd time the charm. The amphicars look cool. Not sure the price but I think you get $25 off if you eat at Boathouse.

What did you have there? Recommendations??

I am going to agree with Bluezoo, making check out The Fountain too? Big River is open and available to book through Open Table (Bluezoo too) if you are looking for something very casual. I really enjoyed Ale and Compass last month.

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I had the oysters (which ironically were from Duxbury, MA, just a couple hours from me at most LOL), truffle fries, and a glass of Chardonnay. Just a light lunch as we had Sanaa for dinner that night.

It’s a very cool atmosphere. It was not conducive to sitting outdoors because super hot and threat of storms. So that the only way I would plus it - late evening (sunset-ish) and out by the water. But otherwise I loved it and will be back.

Their burger is amazing (not quite as good as Three Bridges, but up there), and the filet mignon sliders are delish!

And if you go at brunch the Shrimp and Grits are fab!

If there are no reservations showing on Disney’s system, check Open Table!

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How funny. On our trip to Myrtle Beach last month we had Scallops from this place who advertised they were from New Bedford, MA. (About 20 minutes from me)

We are truly spoiled when it comes to seafood living in MA.


Here are pictures of what our family had there on our recent trip -
Filet sliders

Crab cake & slaw

Ahi tuna (from app menu)

Red Grouper

Truffle fries to share

I tasted everything except the filet sliders (because DS10 wouldn’t share), & everything was excellent


I’ve got a breakfast ADR scheduled there for arrival Day.

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Those pictures are making me hungry Lol.