Need some runDisney help

My family will be running our first run Disney event at the Mickey’s Holiday 5k during Wine & Dine weekend. We are staying at AKL, the race is at DAK with a 6:30am start time. What time should I plan on being out to catch the bus? Around home I can roll up to a 5k about 30 min before start, but I am guessing I will want to be there a little before then for this event. I’m thinking 4:30, hoping for 5:00 or later. Thoughts?

Well brace yourself.

I did the Star Wars Dark Side half in April and it had a 500 am start time. I was on a bus at 230 am.

The risk of going later is you may not make the last bus. And figure transit time to the event. There can be a lengthy walk from bus drop off to the start zone, and then to your corral (race materials for the SWD half, which started at Epcot parking, said it was 20 minutes). And you need to be in your corral 30 minutes prior to the start.

At 230, when the buses first started running, were not crowded and I was in my corral with plenty of time to spare. But I’m an anxious traveler and there were reports from previous races the days before, of long lines for buses, with people barely making it.

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Thanks, I will keep an eye on things I guess. I am assuming there will be more pre-race details coming sometime about packet pickup and all of that fun stuff. I know that is at WWOS and I have carved out a large part of the previous day to go get that taken care of.

Yes, information will be posted on the rundisney website, including corral placement a few weeks ahead of the race.

So, in other words, do what all of us planners hate to do…just be patient.

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Waiting is the hardest part!

Are you in the facebook rundisney group? And there is probably a FB rundisney group for the wine and dine. I am in the first one and in the FB dark side group. People on this groups were very, very helpful about alerting the group to updates on the site and answering all manner of questions. And, posting pictures of their costumes. Definitely helps pass the time! :smile:

The general group is called “Liners Running”.

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I will check it out, thanks.