Need some input on AP's!

I posted this on Chat as well, but wanted to be able to share my full numbers and see if there’s anything I might be missing here that’s not accounted for. I even have two versions to differentiate between an RO being 20% across the board, or if it’s 25% on weekdays/20% on weekends. I need the column “w/ AP over RO” to come out to a positive number to make this financially worthwhile. Are there any discounts (applicable for our trip) that I might be missing? We do not plan on doing a tour, renting watercraft, going to Cirque or other shows, mini-golfing, or going to the theatre, Thanks for any help you can offer!

Scenario 1:
RO discount is 20% on all nights

Scenario 2:
RO discount is 25% off on weekdays and 20% off on weekends

18% tip is automatically added to your meals with TIW. This might be less than the 20% you might give if you were paying OOP.

You can always add more for the tip when you are there, but you should put the tips in your sheet so you can see how that will impact your numbers as well.

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Where I might normally do the easy math and tip 20%, and probably rounded up a shade. …I do find usually just going with the 18% (I tend to always do this when there is an auto gratuity --I would’ve tipped more, but you told me how much you wanted!)

Don’t forget the cost of the really cool AP car magnet and magic band decoration! (Probably like a hundred bucks retail, right? !)


I’ll add that when I first bought an AP, I ran the numbers and it was cheaper not to get it by a little, but I still got it for the fun of feeling like I was part of a cool club…then I saved more money by making return trips that year I hadn’t planned on (but admission is free, I only need to buy a $300 plane ticket and a hotel room for a week! I’m /saving/ money! )

Haha my problem is that I know I wouldn’t be returning again within a year (as much as I’d like to). With a $730 plane ticket and the hotel room and food, it’s another minimum $1500-$2000

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You seem to have things pretty thoroughly accounted for. The only other thing I’ve used my Tables in Wonderland card for would be drinks at certain lounges. Since the discount applies to most bars adjacent to table service restaurants, I’ve also gotten useful discounts when buying drinks there. I’ll also echo the comment from @keithloveswaffles that I tend to tip less when a gratuity is automatically added to my bill (I’d normally start at 20%).

Just perusing the AP discount booklet other things that offer a discount include: fishing, golf, bowling, and pet care. It doesn’t sound like any of those are in your plans.

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