Need some ideas here

We are 34 days out and quite unexpectedly have found ourselves the guardians of a 15 year old. This is in addition to our family of 5. Called the reservation line through SPG, through whom we booked the Dolphin on points, to see if they had a room to accommodate us all. No suites available. Feeling conflicted. Don’t want to cancel, don’t want to leave him out, wondering if Liners have any ideas on if there is someone else to call.

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Call the front desk at the Dolphin - once the reservation is made they have total control over it and can do things that Starwood central reservations cannot. I have done this many times to fix things that could not be done by a CSR. Good luck!

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It may be a long shot at this point, but try Art of Animation suites? You never know when there will be a cancellation.

Not knowing ANYTHING else

Call Dolphin directly - get a 2nd room - probably less expensive than a suite. Also as it is SPG - you may want to try other hotels in the area - Also try SWAN - we preferred it as it had queen beds.

Once again - have no understanding of the dynamics / reasons etc - but THIS can be a wonderful opportunity for all involved. Put yourself in this young person’s shoes and make your decisions with that in mind. Do everything you can do to NOT cancel

Reach out to a Magical Vacation Travel agent to see if they have any agency exclusive discounts for your dates. The company has already purchased these rooms and they may be just as eager as you to get them booked. Last month my in-laws made a last minute (in Disney planning terms) decision to spend New Year’s at Disney. I was able to book 5 rooms through MVT in under 90 days from our trip. If you are able to cancel your current reservation and book a new one, it might be worth your time and money.

Like @Tigger613, I think this could be a great opportunity for your family and this young person. I imagine his/her life has just been drastically uprooted and having an opportunity to put a bit of magic in this young person’s world might be one of the best gifts anyone can give. Good luck!

Try this as well. Call the hotel DIRECTLY and ask to speak with the manager. Tell him what your situation is (obviously don’t go into too much details) and ask HIM / HER specifically what she can do to help you out. You will be amazed at what people WANT and CAN do when asked nicely. May offer you a 2nd room at a good rate, my be able to find you a Suite at Swan. But I have found going right to the top and being firm and polite is always a good option.


Thanks so much for the ideas. I am going to do some calling tonight.

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Here’s another idea. A blow up bed. A few years back I brought my whole family of nine people. We got two adjoining rooms at POP a value resort. There is enough room on the floor for one single blow up bed. So four Queen size beds and a blow up, (actually two blowups for the won’t sleep together types), accommendated everyone. As you only sleep in the room for the most part, and everyone is exhausted after a long day at the parks, the one on the blow up was out like a light and slept well all night and ready to go again in the morning.

You could also rent a house and cancel your hotel. This is radical…I know. There are perks on staying onsite, but Bonnet Creek is close, offsite and you can possibly get a 2 or 3 bedroom condo for a decent price that time of year. You can also rent a house in Kisseame

If you can’t get what you want calling the hotel again, I agree about renting a house. We just spent a week in a single family home with 3 bedrooms and a pool for $127/night. 2 queens, 2 twins, 1 sofa. Kitchen, laundry, etc. We’ve also rented a townhouse for $97/night, sleeping the same number of people or more. Renting in Kissimmee is great because it’s so close. This time around we stayed in Davenport and it was really too far, esp for Universal.

I agree with offsite. Bonnett creek is closer than some of the resorts.