Need some help...Moderate resorts

OK, I need the liners help here. I am struggling, as I am sure others are, with some back-up plan options:

Original trip: May 24 to 31 - DVC rental Bay lake Tower

So no word on if I can rebook or not, so going to assume for the minute that I can’t and i am out the money.

So, if that is the case, I want to have a back up in place with Disney. Thinking July now. Due to fun in the Sun discount previously cutting off early July, we booked over the 4th at CBR.

NOW, the discount has been extended. So we have reasonable option to push this later into the summer which I think is a better bet at this time. My question surrounds which moderate. With being set on Bay Lake through DVC…this is a HUGE disappointment for us. We knew the risk, do no pitty, but we can’t afford to just book a deluxe through Disney after the possibility of losing $2.2k…so looking at the Mods again.

We have stayed at CBR (before remodel and skyliner) and Riverside. I loved Riverside, but we were in a royal room (would not do it this time). CBR was good, but spread out. Now with skyliner, transportation options seem better. For the 4th of July trip, was going with pool/water view at CBR.

Went to rebook for later in July, and only options at CBR are pirate and preferred…both higher than my original room.

SO…long way (like you have anything better to do :wink: ) of saying I am looking at other Moderates.

We could still do the Preferred rooms at CBR, but they look to be a good treck to skyliner.

Other options:
Coronado - Wasn’t considering, but the standard room is CHEAP. Would save several hundred over what we booked. Pool/water view would be a similar cost.

PO - R or FQ - Garden view similar to what we have now, water or preferred room (POR) is similar to preferred at CBR.

So what would you recommend? To be honest, they all seem like a disappointment now, so I’m having a hard time making a decision. Loved being close to the action at Bay Lake, so…is CBR skyliner access worth it? Would preferred room put me too far from skyliner? How bad is a standard at CR? Price is tempting.

Sorry to be so indecisive, but don’t see how I will like any decision, so looking for help in making one I won’t like :wink:

If you’re willing to pay more, the new tower is amazing and definitely on par with a deluxe.

Although you didn’t mention it, I also really like the cabins at Ft. Wilderness. They also give you easier access to MK.

New tower is excluded from the summer deal, and sold out, so not an option…

Bummer :frowning:

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I would consider Pop if you only need 4 or less to a room. I know it’s a Value, but the newly redone rooms are nice and Skyliner is awesome. I may be in the same boat, likely not to get Swan Express Deal money back. I am rebooking for now at ASMo as a way to still get our trip with minimal additional money spent. However I will be watching for better discounts and upgrade if I can find comparable prices for a better resort.


I’ve been interested in staying at French Quarter for many years but it’s never happened yet. It’s so compact. Has great ambiance. Pool looks fun. Close by food options are limited but . . . beignets.

Three different times I’ve helped family and friends plan their first ever Disney trips, each staying at FQ. They’ve all loved this resort. One family has stayed here on subsequent trips.

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Thanks for the suggestion, looked at this, POP preferred is just a little less than Coronado standard. Kids are 7 & 9 and pool is important to that age, worth the downgrade? How is the POP pool?

I feel you. We were scheduled for Easter and are now looking at back-up plans for later in the summer.

We really like POR. It was our go-to resort for years. Alligator Bayou is our preferred section-we just like the theming better. We enjoy the boat to DS and the food court there, as well. It’s a big resort but it never felt too big to us.

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The main difference between pools is you get a slide at moderates and no slide at value. Boys 7 and 9 would probably really enjoy the slide. But, otherwise Pop’s and CBR’s pools are both just big pools. We stayed at both of these resorts last year. I really preferred the rooms at Pop and liked how compact the resort is. For instance CBR was so large that we only went to OPR once for dinner and pool time; at Pop we were in Classic Hall every day to eat, fill water bottles, get necessities. Plenty of even standard rooms are nearby both Classic Hall and Skyliner. At CBR you cant be near both Skyliner and OPR. Your kids would probably enjoy either though.

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I would stay at CSR- any room. The bridge connects the resort, there are more dining options than any other moderate including room service, great pools and the only moderate with a fitness center.


Thanks for all the help, moved back up trip to CSR. Not sure it will be my favorite moderate, but at $195 per nt in July… Felt that was as good of a value as I was going to get. Even extended it by a nt if we are forced into it.

Hope we don’t need this as that would mean our DVC rental was not able to be moved and out the money…but it’s money already spent, so not dwelling on the negatives. Just trying to salvage a little fun out of the summer if able.

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i actually feel that the entire Coronado resort could be considered a lower end deluxe resort.


Have you been to the new tower, Gran Destino? It is definitely not low end moderate.

I actually feel like CSR is the most deluxe-feeling of the moderates. It has a gym, which is nice, and a spa. Plus it has some amazing food and bar options. Plus it’s a really centrally-located resort. I personally think it’s a great resort, definitely prefer it over POR or POFQ, just my opinion.

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I don’t think we mentioned those amazing renovated rooms? Something about the design makes them feel larger than the other moderates to me.

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The rooms are one of the reasons I decided to do it. Sleek, modern feel with smart space saving designs.

It will work if we need to use it.

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They also have the most amazing showers!

We have CSR booked for last week of June. Hoping for Ranchos and been mostly looking forward to hardwood floors. After reading these comments I’m even more looking forward to trying this resort. :crossed_fingers:

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Do you mind me asking why Ranchos? Was planning to ask this as well, but might as well get a heads start. What is it about that area that makes it desirable to you?

Mostly because the exteriors remind me and my sister of New Mexico where we grew up. More so than Casitas or Cabanas. And we’ll leave the Tower to others. :blush:

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