Need some help here

Made my Fpp+ selections for our AK day over a month ago for our May trip at 60 days out. Now I find out it’s on the same day as the AP and DVC soft opening of Avatar. Yup, May 13th. CL is now a 9 and wouldn’t doubt it goes past a 10 (if it were possible) really bummed out.
Anyway I want to switch our AK day to the 12th but don’t know how to see which Fpp+ are available for that day. I already switched my ADR and was able to still get the TH w/ RoL package for same time as I had on the 13th. But without knowing what’s available for fpp+ I’m hesitant. Please tell me there’s a way. I tried to just search the 12th but it says my fpp+ are full. I dropped one of the fpp+ for the 13th ( one I knew I could get back) but it still won’t let me search the 12th for fpp+ availability.
What I currently have for the 13th is FotLK 12:30-12:45 for the 1pm show, KRR 1:35-2:35, and KS 7:55-8:55
I’d like to keep the times close of possible so I don’t have to switch up the plans too much. I’m already giving up the EMH morning by switching to the 12th so I’m gonna have to do some adjusting to get what I’m missing in the first hour.
Is it possible someone with an AP could check fpp+ availability for the 12th or even the 15th as I could swap my HS day?

Maybe you need to drop a fpp for the 12th to be able to see what’s available for that same day?

Wish I could help more

You can check it yourself.

Ok so this works only if you are switching FPP 's from one day to another day where both days have FPP 's already selected.
For example: you have fpp+ for the 11th in AK and on the13th you have fpp+ for MK. But no plans for the 12th. It will allow you to click on 11th and 13th and view fpp+ for any park as if you wanted to switch your park days.
However, if you try clicking on the 12th (where you don’t have any parks or fpp+ scheduled) it will not let you view fpp. It says your fpp selection is full and the only way to view availability on the 12th would be to drop ALL fpp from either the 11th or 13th. Essentially that is what I did. But being able to view between the days I did habe fpp+ for gave me enough insight to know what may be available.

This was very helpful though. Thank you sooo much @AuntB_luvsDisney . Above and beyond with those step by step instructions.

I was able to switch my AK day from the 13th to the 12th. I am giving up my EMH morning but was able to still get my exact ADR for the ROL dining package and similar fpp+ selections were available. Will just tweak the TP a bit . In the end I think it was worth it from a potential CL of 9-10 to a CL of 5-6.

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Ah sorry, that’s what reading too quickly does! Glad you’ve got sorted out though.

I have on AP so it works a little differently for me. But yes you are 100% correct, if you already maxed out your FPP selections by the number of days on your tickets this does not work. You can check the same day different park but you can’t check another day…6 day tickets, 6 days FPP you can’t check day 7.

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