Need some help fitting in a waterpark visit!

We are heading to Disney April 14-21. We have a 7 day park ticket that came with a bonus waterpark ticket so I’m trying to figure out how to fit in the waterpark. I think my kids would enjoy it but I’m hesitant to give up a full park day for it. Would say 10:00-1:00 be enough time at BB or TL? Here are our tentative plans so far:

Sat - Arrive at WL at about 5:00 pm so no plans

Sun - MK - we have EMM booked here - pool and rest at the resort in late afternoon/evening, likely.

Mon - EP- PPO Garden Grill and see how the kids do re needing a break/early night.

Tues - planning on a late start here and HS in the later afternoon/evening - I could do the waterpark in the morning here but am worried we’ll be too rushed as this is our only HS day?

Wed - MK #2 - 'Ohana reservation at 5:15 - I was planning to do a leisurely morning at MK and then a pool break before dinner and then, if the kids are up for it, back to MK for a bit. Instead I could do waterpark in the morning and then a break before dinner, then MK for a bit? I just have my doubts that the kids will have any energy left after dinner.

Thurs - AK - TH ADR for lunch - pool and relax at the resort in the late afternoon/evening.

Fri - EMH at MK and BOG ADR at 6:00 pm - we could skip EMH here and do the waterpark in the morning and then MK for some late afternoon/evening FPs and our BOG ADR?

Sat - likely MK or AK for a couple of hours and then ME at 4:00 pm

Any thoughts on where it may fit best? I almost feel like turfing it all together but I think that’s because I don’t really love waterparks. I know DD7 would absolutely love it as would DD4 and probably DH too which is why I’m going to try to fit it in.

We did TL on arrival day from 10:30 - 2ish. That was plenty for us. Crowds are very light early, so you can go on the popular rides before there are lines. At TL this was Miss Adventure Falls and Crush n Gusher. When lines got longer, we hit the lazy river and the wave pool.

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We did TL and BB this past April for the first time. We started at TL 30 min before open, and had done everything in the park except the small kids area (my kids are teens), and had eaten lunch by 1pm. We then drove to BB so the kids could ride Summit Plummet. We also had ice cream. Headed back to our resort by 3, showered and rested and were on the bus to MK by 6. Had dinner at 7 and stayed until close at 11pm. Kids did great and were not too tired from the waterpark. This was actually one of their favorite days of our entire 11 day vacation as they had asked to go to the water parks for years and we never seemed to have enough time. We did sleep in the next day. Three hours will be plenty for one park if you are there a little before open. Based on your schedule, I would go on Friday morning. By then you will have seen all of the parks, plus you might welcome the extra sleep further into your trip (we went on day 6 and it was wonderful to sleep in a bit). Just get out of there by 1 or 2 so you can rest at the resort before BOG and MK. Second choice for me would be Wednesday morning before MK later. I am not a fan of the water parks either, plus we have a very good one here at home. I am glad I gave in and took the kids, they really loved it. Bonus for me was the kids left their phones at the resort, so they spent the day actually talking to each other! It was great!


I’m leaning towards Friday I think. It’s hard for me pass on the EMH but DD4 didn’t love the early mornings last year, so, like you said, it’s another chance for a bit of a later start. Thanks for your thoughts!

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A morning in the water park normally works for us

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