Need some advice on what rides to hit first

Good Morning Everyone!
Planning on visiting Magic Kingdom (Nov 24) and Animal Kingdom (Nov 22)
I am aware it will be busy but these are the days we will be in the area.
We purchased park tickets online and booked 3 fast passes at each park.
Of-course the 2 of the newer rides were not available for fast passes.
Seven Dwarfs mine train at MK and Avatar flight of passage at AK.
Our 1st fast pass at MK is for Space Mountain at 12:35…Do you recommend running to The seven dwarfs mine train first at opening? or should we wait till after 6:30? Kindda not looking forward to a 2-3hr wait.
For AK we will be using a fast pass for Kilimanjaro safaris then Expedition Everest in the morning then we will try and get on Avatar flight of passage after 12:15… any advice?


I woul get to the MK an hour before park opening and get right on 7DMT, then go directly over to Big Thunder Mtn, RR. , HM or the rides in Adventureland.

I would do the same for Avatar FOP. Be there at least an hour before the official park opening time- maybe an hour and a half early. After FOP you could try Na’vi River, or get over to Dinosaur where there might not be much of a line yet. You have good FP.

Touringplans has videos on both of these strategies, definitely take a look at those. I think getting up early and waiting a bit is far better than the lines you will face later in the day.


I agree with Pod


BTW, 7DMT is NOT worth a long wait. At all. Possibly the most boring of all the coasters at Disney. If you have to wait more than 30-40 minutes for it, frankly, I wouldn’t bother. Lots of other rides that are a better “investment” for such wait times.

I really didnt have many options for fast passes.
So we just grabbed what we could.
MK-space mountain 12:35 Big Thunder 3:25 and peter pan 5:20
AK- Kilimangaro 8:55 Expedition 11:15 and Na’vi river journey 6:55

So I guess we will arrive early to MK for 7 dwarfs and maybe try for avatar before safari at 8:55…
I just have to tell myself…have fun and bring something to do in the looooong line-ups…hahaha

On my day at MK, I also have a late in the day PP fast pass option. But since you can’t get more fast passes until your first 3 are used, is it wise to get a 5pm or after FP for Peter Pan?

How fun to be there Thanksgiving week!! I would echo what others have said and encourage you to watch TP’s rope drop videos. They are eye opening, and excellent as far as strategy for RD is concerned regarding both of the rides you mentioned above (they have one for FOP and 7DMT). I would also encourage you to keep checking for FPs. I secured one for 7DMT three days prior to our trip. People are changing their plans all the time and you never know when one might pop up. There has also been a thread regarding same day FP drops for FOP. I’m not sure if they would do that at such peak crowd times though. Perhaps someone else could chime in on that.

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Do you have littles in your group? If so I would put 7DMT on my list as a must do. It is not a thrill ride but it is magical. My niece still comments about her daddy reaching out and grabbing a jewel for her! She even asked me to grab one at DL in the Snow White ride. Unfortunately I was unprepared and my arms were not as long as her dad’s. I just couldn’t reach :rofl:

Also FOP is amazing. I cried the first time I rode. It’s worth getting there 90-60 minutes before RD and joining the crazy opening rush or riding right before closing time. Otherwise without a FP, this wait will be hours long.

Keep trying to modify to better times and attractions. Things do open up.

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Here is that list of same-day FP drops, @PrincipalTinker found it: scroll down the page about halfway.
I don’t know if they have the same pattern during peak times, though.

I wonder about the Na’Vi river one, too. That’s even later. That’s one they could hop in line right before closing and do.

What are your morning plans? Party size? I’m a big advocate for SDFP so a late PPF would make me nervous. That being said, my next trip is not during peak holiday season and PPF will be (sadly) closed for refurb - so we may be in different boats.

Whaaattt?!? I adore 7DMT! My favorite coaster!
To each his own …

I suppose.

It is fine. But nearly everyone I’ve talked to that’s been on it has felt the same way. It is like they forgot to build the second half of the ride. The actual coaster part is so incredibly short. Not saying it isn’t fun for what it is…but it isn’t worth a long wait at all, to me. If I had to want an hour for, say, HM versus 7DMT, I’d pick HM for sure. I’d wait the hour for pirates. I’d wait the hour for Peter Pan. I wouldn’t wait the hour for 7DMT. Less then 45 minutes? I might.

Having said that, in some ways the queue line is more worth the wait than the ride itself! :slight_smile:

Anyhow, when I rank the coasters, I can’t decide if I would put Goofy’s Barnstormer ahead of 7DMT. I think I would. Both are incredibly short, but Barnstormer is a bit more exciting. At the same time, 7DMT has the dark ride element to it. Either way, EE, RnRC, SM, and BTMR are way ahead of both. Can’t judge SDD yet as I haven’t been on it. From the looks of it, I think I’ll end up putting it ahead of both Barnstormer and 7DMT…but it, too, looks pretty short.

Sounds like you need to make yourself a Touring Plan :wink:

I’m beginning to second guess my decision to arrive early and race to 7DMT. Do you think we will make it…hahaha My safari fast pass is at 8:55.

and a side question can you can bring water and granola bars into the parks?

@ctabbiner- you should be ok with rope dropping 7Ds, but be sure to be there b4 actual opening. In other words, main st will open 8am. Many folks will linger there.

Bypass main street at least by around 8:30 ish, get to front of rope drop area to right of castle, go around castle when allowed in, to left of teacups, head to 7Ds line.

This method has been successful according to latest reports.

I can share the video link for FOP & share our fab success with using it at AK. But I have to scoot out right now, my busiest day of the week.

See you all real soon! - like this afternoon haha!

7DMT and Safari are at two different parks.

If you are talking about FOP at AK (not 7DMT) it is definitely worth racing for. You should still be able to make it to KS at 0855… I think you’ll have a great morning at AK if you do FOP right at rope drop, then your two morning Fastpasses.

IF you want to skip 7DMT, I’d still get to the park before opening, but go to Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain instead. There will be hardly any wait over there since everyone is at the 7DMT! :rofl:

You can ride big thunder 3 times in a row first thing with zero wait instead of rushing to 7DMT. you are not missing much if you skip 7DMT, cute but yawn and then is it really already over?

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Yes, if one is only going to be at the MK for a day, trading 3 rides for 7DMT is a pretty fair deal!