Need some advice on Disney Quest

We’ve never done Disney Quest. I have twin 7 year old boys who would probably love it. How much time do you think we’ll need to enjoy it? Do packages still come with 2 free passes? Any other advice/information on it would be wonderful. Thanks!

MYW packages do include two admission tickets. It can be a lot fun for video game loving kids, not so much for adults who’d rather read lol. It can be VERY hectic in there when it’s busy, but there are lots of hands on activities. Some of those do cost extra. I would plan on 3-5 hours depending on which activities they will be interested in.

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Some of the large scale activities are a lot of fun, even if hte graphics are about 3 generations old at this point. The lines for a few of thos can be long, and a couple have height restrictions (I think only CyberSpace Mountain). The virtual games should still be enough to impress 7 year olds

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Our boys were older (15 and 17) but loved it. We spent 2 evenings there - about 3 hours at a time. Loved the AstroBlaster thing the best - NASCAR racing video games were a hit… There is a lot to see in there but the nights we went weren’t that busy. We had 2 free passes and then used some of our Waterparks and More admissions. I don’t know that I’d pay out of pocket for 4 people to spend an evening in there but it’s worth seeing IMO if you get a break on $. :smile:

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I was just checking for the price of admission and it made me think of another question. Can I use the 2 free admission tickets that come with our package to pay for DH and me and then buy 2 children’s tickets?

I thought there should be passes for as many MYW packages purchased…so four peeps, four passes?

yes you can.

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no all packages come with only 2 admissions no matter how many are in your party.

Didn’t know…party of one here…

Are they physical passes? As in maybe another liner there at that time that has no use for them could pass them on?


If I remember correctly, I think they have your name and reservation info printed right on them. I also remember having to show ID when we used them. A nice thought, though, if it could work! :smile:

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Just a note depending on your scheduling: we went to DQ on a non-park day right at their opening time and it was completely dead in there. Had the run of the place! Stayed for a couple hours then met friends for lunch, came back in the evening and it was much busier. It was in Oct/Nov so not the busiest time of year but thought it might help you depending on what time of year you are going.

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